Welcome to our blog post featuring the 10 Must have swimming pool accessories that everyone should own! First off, let me start by saying that you don’t absolutely need these accessories as they’re basically just extras, but hey, who doesn’t like extras? We’re going to separate our must have swimming pool accessories into two groups, the first group will be accessories that will make your pool maintenance life easier while the second group will make your pool much fun! So without further ado, here are the 10 must have swimming pool accessories.

Pool Accessories for easier pool maintenance

We're not going to talk about the essentials like vacuum heads, pool brushes, or test kits because every pool owner should already have those in his or her pool shed. We're going to talk about pool accessories that makes pool maintenance go much easier than without them.

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#1 Automatic Water Levelling Device

An automatic water levelling device is a must-have for any pool owner that lives in an unusually hot area or for those who have kids who love doing cannonballs! An automatic water levelling device will keep the water levels of the pool level at all times. The functionality is quite simple and it takes just a couple of minutes to install. Simply attach the device to a garden hose, get your pool to your desired water level, place the device on the coping of your pool, turn on the water and that’s it! Every time the water level goes below the pre-set level, the device will trigger and water will flow into your pool, automatically shutting off once the desired level is reached. This prevents your water level from dropping below your skimmer level and running your pump dry.

#2 Venturi Pump

If the first accessory was to protect you from having too little water, this next accessory is there to protect you from having too much water! A venturi pump is a pressurized submersible pump that is designed to drain pools without using any electricity. Just attach the pump to a garden hose and the water pressure will do the rest. You might be thinking, “oh I don’t need another single-purpose device in my life” but a venturi pump can do much more than remove excess water from the pool. It can drain your pool, pump out mud, sludge, and debris. Most of all, it’s not limited to pool use! You can use it to drain out your sand filter when replacing your sand media, you can use it to clean and drain ditches, aquariums, ponds, and even a flooded basement! The only reason we can think of why you wouldn't want a Venturi Pump is because you like the manual backbreaking labor of draining pools and flooded areas with a bucket.

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#3 Floating Thermometer

A floating thermometer? Ha! The best thermometer is my finger! I can tell how warm or how cold the water is! Well, all bluster aside, that’s really not a good measurement as coolness/warmness of water is basically subjective. What’s cool for you and what’s not for other people may be two completely different things. Aside from avoiding the initial shock of diving into ice cold water, knowing the exact temperature of your pool actually has a couple of real-life uses. If you have a pool heat pump or a pool heater and it’s summer, having a Water TechniX Floating Thermometer can tell you the exact temperature of your water and you can make a decision whether to turn down the heater and even turn it completely off, saving you some money off of your electric bill.

Another reason to have a Water Techhnix floating pool thermometer is if you have any guests or family members with specific temperature needs. A good example is for people with arthritis, they love warm pool water as this relaxes the muscles and promotes good circulation around inflamed joints, but this is the opposite for people with multiple sclerosis. People who suffer from multiple sclerosis prefer cooler water as the cool water will give them a bit of relief from their condition and it allows them to move and stretch around without the risk of overheating their body.  

And finally, knowing the exact temperature of your water helps you compute for your LSI or Langelier Saturation index. We’ll not go into what the LSI is as that’s a rather technical topic, but if you want to know more, check out our blog post on pool LSI by clicking the button below.

#4 Pool Stone Cleaning Block

If you’re in the mood to give your pool a thorough clean then a pool stone cleaning block is the right pool accessory for you! You don’t need to apply pressure to clean your pool surfaces, just place it flat against the tile or grout and gently run it over. No need for intense scrubbing like you would do with a sponge or a pool brush. And the best thing about a pool stone cleaning block is that you don’t need to add any chemicals to remove hard water(calcium), rust, mildew, and other stains, preserving your pool chemical balance!

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#5 A robotic pool cleaner

Let’s be honest. Nobody needs a robotic pool cleaner, but everybody wants one. Robotic pool cleaners like the Zodiac TX30 Tornax just makes pool maintenance a breeze. Just drop it into the pool and it’ll take care of scrubbing all of the pool surfaces, making manual vacuuming of your pool a thing of the past and as an added bonus, it even filters our your pool water while doing it, relieving the strain off of your pool pump and filtration system.

Pool Accessories for more pool fun!

Enough work and maintenance! A pool is supposed to be there for you and your family to have fun. In this second part of the blog post, we’ll go over must have swimming pool accessories that will make the most out of pool ownership!

#6 Pool Weight Training System

The pool is a great place to train for strength without the risk of any high impact injuries. An exercise kit like the Life Fitness Pool ankle weights and dumbbells will allow you to have a weight training workout in your pool. The weights help in strengthening muscles and building endurance while you’re in the pool, all in a low-impact setting!

#7 Personal waist belt aid

Do you have a small pool and you want to swim laps but can’t because of the limited space? If the answer is yes, then you’ll definitely want to get a waist belt aid for your pool. What it does is it holds you in place so you can continuously practice your stroke and get a good workout. You can go the distance without moving an inch!

#8 Floating lounge pool chairs

Well, if you just want to float around on your pool and just do nothing then this is the perfect pool accessory for you! Floating lounge pool chairs allow you to safely float around in your pool while reading a book, enjoying a drink, or just basically just to lie there enjoying the rocking motion of the water.

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#9 Floating pool Bluetooth speakers

Do you want music while you’re floating around or swimming in your pool? Then look no further! Get a floating pool Bluetooth speaker and take your music with you to the pool. They’re waterproof, they have a great battery life, and as an added bonus, they can even sync with your phone for hands-free calling while you’re in the pool. Don’t let its small size fool you, these floating pool Bluetooth speakers pack quite a punch and sound travels extremely well over water so you won’t have to worry about not having enough volume.

#10 Beach balls and other floating toys

Last but not least, you’ll want to have floating toys for your pool. It just makes the whole experience much more fun! From beachballs to floating basketball sets, floating pool toys are just fun! There’s no other way to describe them.

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Whether it’s to help your pool maintenance life go easier or to make your pool experience a lot more fun, pool accessories are a great way to improve the overall pool experience. You can really go wrong with any of them. Swimming pools are about having a great time and not just about maintaining a showpiece at your back yard. The best thing is, you can get all of these accessories online and save yourself a trip to the store!

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