About Us

G'day! 👋

Our Dad founded Mr Pool Man way back in the 1998 and raised us with a no B-S philosophy. "Treat people well, be honest, and you'll sleep good at night". Safe to say my brother and I, who now own and operate Mr Pool Man, have taken that philosophy and run with it, business included.

More about Dad: After stepping out of a corporate national sales role, Hardy wanted to start his own pool maintenance business and live the self-employed dream.“What a paycheque change that was” - Hardy circa ~1999.

Imagine an Aussie bloke with a German background, who cuts to the chase, does things once and does them properly. That's Dad. He dances to the beat of his own drum and doesn't care for smoke and mirrors. Now, apply that to the pool industry, and you get Mr Pool Man.

Dad's now more of a wise-owl in the business, acting as a sound-board, injecting knowledge from experience and encouraging us to "try anything once".

Dad, his van and our first shop

Fast forward 25 years, we (Tom (Son) and Natalie (Daughter)) have grown the business to Australia's leading online pool supplies retailer with a small yet growing team of passionate pool experts genuinely interested in each and every one of our customers' pools.
We noticed a gap of quality equipment and chemicals, fast delivery and honest advice in the industry, and we wanted to bridge that.

For us, Mr Pool Man is a passion and simply a way of life. Running our business with Dad's no B-S philosophy, you can trust that our pool advice coupled with exceptional lifetime customer support will leave you feeling refreshed, confident and ready for a poolside chat with a coldie.

Mr Pool Man’s customer support experts understand every aspect of pool ownership, with years of experience helping 185,000+ customers across Australia simplify and enjoy their backyard oasis 💙

Our own locally grown brand 🇦🇺

Natalie, Tom and Hardy unboxing a fresh batch of Water TechniX Pool Heaters at Mr Pool Man HQ, based in the Central Coast of NSW, Australia.

Who is Water TechniX?

Seven years ago, we set out to create a truly revolutionary way to take better care of our pools without breaking the bank, and you know what? We finally cracked the code with our home-grown brand of pool supplies, Water TechniX, made and exclusively owned by Mr Pool Man.

We’ve taken years of feedback from customers
, the good, the bad, and the ugly, and combined all of that into one neat little package. Taking all of the non-essentials out and leaving only what pool owners are looking for: efficient and affordable pool equipment and chemicals! Find out more here.

The Water TechniX Story

Our Philosophy

We have an unlimited responsibility as a business of quality to ensure the products supplied will maintain their durability for years to come. 

It's also important we produce educational content for our customers to understand how to use and repair their pool products. Why? A quality product in the hands of a knowledgeable customer will ensure longevity and is far better value for the consumer

By extending the life of a product, this greatly reduces the need for excessive consumption, minimises manufacturing resources and produces less waste, which is not only good for a greater whole, but also gives our customers more time to spend around their pool and most importantly, it's better for our planet!

Our Values

💦 We make a splash on pool ownership with lifetime support, so you can look forward to that arvo dip.

👨‍🔧 When you speak or deal with Mr Pool Man, you will quickly realise how simple we make it, for you and us. Pools don’t have to be complicated, so let us show you how.

⭐️ With 25+ years experience, 185,000+ happy customers, thousands of 5 star reviews and a local footprint here in Australia
you can feel confident in knowing you're dealing with true pool experts.

🏆 We publish and promote our experience into content for our customers to educate themselves, to then save time and money on their pools. When something breaks, come to us and we will help you understand what, why and how and find the best solution to fix it.

Our Mission

To provide a better way to pool.

Meet (some) of our Team

Meet a handful of our Mr Pool Man Team! From left to right:

Luke, Head of Customer Service
Callum, Inventory Coordinator.
Craig, Order Coordinator.
Nat, Co-Owner and Head of Marketing and eCommerce.
Tom, Co-Owner and Head of Operations and eCommerce.
Alice, Tom's Better Half and Head of Content.

We're always staying up to date with industry news and advancements to provide you, our customer, with the best service and products.

We love having you here!

That's us! We're practically friends now you and I 🙂 . We appreciate you taking the time to find out more about us and our story. We're looking forward to being that difference you need to experience a better way to pool.

Cheers 🍻
Tom, Nat, Hardy and the Mr Pool Man team.