Today we’re going to talk about ways on how to not only make your pool fun for the summer, but safe as well! Nothing ruins a fun filled day poolside than an accident that could have easily been prevented with some simple preparation work.

Install Safety Gates and Locks

If you have small children that don’t know how to swim or if you sleepwalk, then it might be a good idea to install a fence or sa safety barrier around your pool. Secure the pool fence with something like the Magna Latch Safety Gate Kit to make sure that the little ones can’t reach the latches and unlock them and heavens forbid fall into the pool while you’re in the kitchen or doing some other household chore.

Check poolside tiles and surfaces

Let’s face it, no matter how many times we tell the kids to not run around the pool, they will run around the pool. That’s an inescapable fact of life that we just have to live with. So instead of screaming yourself hoarse for them to “STOP RUNNING AROUND THE POOL” we’ll just have to do the next best hing and make sure that there’s nothing around the pool that can cause accidents. Check all of the pool tiles around your pool for any cracks or loose tiles, and replace as necessary. Cracks and loose tiles can cause trips and falls, it’s okay if they fall into the water, but if they fall on the concrete or tile floor then that can cause serious injury.

Another thing to check is to check the integrity of your deck lids. The cold winter air with low humidity may have caused your deck lids to become brittle. One wrong step on a brittle deck lid can cause an accident that can break an ankle or leg. Check the deck lids and replace if you see it becoming brittle or having visible cracks.

Install Depth Markers

While not really necessary, it's really helpful to have depth markers around your pool. You know how deep your pool is but your guests don't. Visual depth markers are a great way to keep the pool safe (deep enough to perform canonballs or shallow enough for those who don't swim too well) so everyone knows which end of the pool they can do their death-defying summer stunts!

Test and Balance your Pool water’s chemistry

Yes, I know, we keep repeating it and the reason for that is simple, it’s for everyone’s safety. Making sure that your pool water’s chemistry is up to standards is one of the best ways to make sure that everyone is safe. You wouldn’t want your pool’s users to get some kind of bacteria or disease from unclean pool water. Aside from preventing unwanted diseases, getting your pool’s chemistry right also prevents algae blooms from happening so you can spend more time swimming, than dealing with green pool water.

Light up your pool, deck, and surroundings

If you don’t already have pool lights, consider getting some installed. Not only will they make night swimming a lot more enjoyable, but safer as well. Give your hedges and surroundings some lighting as well, turn your backyard pool into a magical night lagoon! For surface light, any waterproof lighting will do, but for your pool, we highly recommend the Water TechniX Vivid LED Pool lights, they practically last forever and you’ll spend virtually nothing on electricity bills in lighting up your pool.

Get some pool toys and accessories

There are only so many laps you can do around your pool before it gets tiring. Spice up your pool with Mr Pool Man’s collection of pool toys and accessories. Check out the link to see our pool floats, pool games, and even pool speakers so you can bring your favorite music with you in the pool!


Having a fun pool experience is just as important as having a safe one! Your pool doesn’t have to be safe and boring when it can be safe and fun at the same time! Remember, summer is fast approaching so better get everything ready as soon as possible as not to waste a single day of fun under the sun!

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Happy swimming :)

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