Chlorine and Bromine Free Spa? Yes Please!

Sorry to disappoint you if you think that this is about a chemical-free spa! What we said was a chlorine-free and bromine-free spa! You’re still going to be adding chemicals to balance your spa and sanitise the spa water, but we’ll be taking out the harsh chlorine or bromine for a smoother spa experience. This is perfect for spa users who are sensitive or allergic to chlorine and bromine. Not only that, but it also removes the side effects like the sticky feeling, the bad smell, and irritation from fumes associated with traditional chlorine use in small spaces like spas.

The Aquaspa Start-up Kit

This kit contains everything you’ll ever need to convert your new or existing spa to a chlorine-free and bromine-free spa! While your standard pool chemicals can be used to adjust the other chemical levels like pH and alkalinity, it’s still best to separate your pool chemicals from the spa chemicals as so that you can have a good inventory and you’ll know when to restock on which chemical.

What’s in the Start-up kit?

  • 1x AQUASPA™ pH REDUCER 500ml
  • 1 x AQUASPA Anti Foam 500ml
  • 1x AQUASPA™ Filter Klenz Spray 500ml
  • 1x Test Tablets (40)
  • 1x Measure Cup
  • 1 x Cleaning Sponge
  • 1x Instruction Booklet


This is the heart and soul of the Aquaspa Chlorine-Free and Bromine-Free spa system. The Aquaspa Spa sanitiser is approved for use in hot tubs and spas, having been proven to prevent algae growth and kill any harmful bacteria that may have found their way into your pool. And since it doesn’t contain any chlorine or bromine, it is absolutely perfect for those with chlorine sensitivities.


One of the main problems with maintaining spas is the issue of water clarity. The Aquaspa Spa Kleer takes care of that and clears up your spa water in no time at all. This has been tested to work with the Aquaspa Spa Sanitisers so it’s guaranteed to work in tandem with it to leave you with crystal-clear spa water! Now if you still have leftover clarifiers from your previous spa chemical set, we suggest that you use it on your pool instead and use only the Spa Kleer once you’ve transitioned to a chlorine-free spa.


This is a specially formulated non-chlorine shock designed to oxidise oils and other biological waste in your spa! Remember, the Aquaspa Spa Sanitiser must NEVER be mixed with chlorine! So if you have some chlorine spa shock leftover from other brands, just use it on your pool, and don’t use it on your spa once you’ve converted to the Aquaspa system.

The AQUASPA™ Anti Foam

Foam is usually a problem in spas caused by build-up of oils and other organic matter in the spa. Sometimes it is also caused by incorrect water balance (don’t worry, due to the relatively small volume of water inside sps, the balance can easily be fixed). The Aquaspa Anti-foam is a symptomatic treatment for spa foam, clearing it up in a matter of minutes so you can use the spa immediately BUT it does not address the cause, which means that after using, you should shock the spa with the Aquaspa Spa Shock to melt away those contaminants for good!

The AQUASPA™ Filter Klenz Spray

If something can take away the excitement from the Aquaspa Spa Sanitiser, then it’s probably the Filter Klenz Spray. Remember when you had to soak your spa or pool’s filter cartridge elements overnight in some filter cleaning solution just to melt away the accumulated oils and gunk? Well, no more! The Filter Klenz Spray is super concentrated and comes in a convenient spray bottle! Simply spray on the filter elements and watch it do its magic!

Once the gunk starts to melt, spray down with a hose and you’re good to go! Not only is it convenient, but it’s budget-friendly as well! A bottle of Filter Klenz Spray goes a long way! Use it for both your spa and pool cartridge filter elements! Once you’ve tried this, say goodbye to soaking your filter elements forever!

AQUASPA™ Alkalinity Enhancer and pH Reducer

These work like your standard alkalinity enhancer and pH reducer so there’s not much to be said here.

AQUASPA™ Accessories

The kit also includes special testing tablets specifically designed to detect Aquaspa Sanitiser levels (your standard test kits won’t detect this properly). A graduated measuring cup that’s the perfect size to measure out dosages for your spa, an instruction booklet, and of course an Aquaspa sponge to wipe down your spa to keep your spa surfaces shiny and smooth.

AQUASPA™ Chemical Levels

As we mentioned earlier, Aquaspa Sanitiser levels can’t be tested by your standard test kits so here are the levels that we have to keep in mind when testing our spa.

  • Sanitiser Levels - 15ppm to 20ppm
  • pH Levels - 7.4 to 7.6
  • Alkalinity Level s - 125 ppm to 150 ppm
  • Calcium Hardness - 200ppm to 275 ppm

AQUASPA™ system cheat sheet

Here are some things to make maintaining your spa that uses the Aquaspa System.

  • More is never better! Do not overdose your spa and only use the recommended levels!
  • Run the pump when adding chemicals (don’t turn on the heater if there is one) and wait 30 minutes in between different chemicals.
  • Once a week, add some Aquaspa Spa Sanitiser, 60ml per 1,000 liters spa capacity.
  • Once a week (or when needed), add some Aquaspa Spa Kleer, 60ml per 1,000 liters spa capacity.
  • Once a week (or after heavy usage) add some Aquaspa Spa Shock, 20g per 1,000 liters spa capacity.
  • Foaming may occur when you add Aquaspa Products, this is normal and is due to oxidation of biological contaminants. This should clear up in a matter of minutes. Wipe off any foam that sticks to your spa surfaces with a soft cloth. If it doesn’t clear up, apply a capful of Aquaspa anti-foam and you should be good to go.
  • NEVER Mix and Aquaspa Products (or a spa treated with Aquaspa products) with any chlorine-based products.
  • After adding any sort of chemical to your spa, keep it uncovered for at least 30 minutes to allow it to de-gas.


Well there you have it! Everything you’ll ever need to have a chlorine-free and bromine-free spa! As you can see above, the Aquaspa chemicals are available at larger sizes, but if it’s your first time, it’s better to get the kit so that you’ll have the accessories to test and measure your chemicals properly. Not only that, you’ll get the instruction booklet that lays down step-by-step on how to start up a new spa or convert an existing spa over to a chlorine-free setup!

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Happy swimming :)

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