Clean and Shiny Surfaces, in and out of your pool and spa!

If there’s a problem that faces many pool owners, then it’s staining! A few weeks of neglect can turn shiny pool surfaces into dull versions of their original self. Even if a pool’s chemical levels are perfectly maintained, staining can and will occur. Sure you can deal with those stains with a little bit of chlorine and a lot of elbow grease, but why do that when there are specially formulated cleaners for different stain types? Cut down cleaning from hours down to minutes with these Lo-Chlor products that are available on Mr Pool Man’s Online Pool Supply Store.

Lo-Chlor Erase It - Concrete Cleaner

Ever wanted to treat small stain spots and lines in your pool just like you would a pencil mark? Well, now you can with the Lo-Chlor Erase It Concrete Cleaner! Not only does it look like an eraser that you would typically use on paper but it acts like it on stains like one as well! Simply rub the Erase it on the stain and say goodbye to it forever! That’s it! No more rubbing with chemicals or scrubbing for hours on end! And the best part? It contains no chemicals and won’t mess up your pool water’s balance! They’re also 100% safe for the recommended surface type which means it will not scratch or gouge your pool surface!

P.S. They’re kid-safe as well so anyone in the family can do the stain cleaning as well!

Lo-Chlor Erase It - Spa & Vinyl Pools

Just like its sibling, the Lo-Chlor Erase It for Spas and Vinyl Pools are super easy to use and contain no chemicals so anyone in the family can use it! The Erase It for Spas and Vinyl Pools are extra gentle so that they won’t scratch or damage these delicate surfaces! Remember, the concrete cleaner for concrete pools, and Spa & Vinyl pool cleaner for more delicate surfaces!

Lo-Chlor Erase It - Calcium Cleaner

Calcium Stains are quite deceptive. They look like they can be easily washed off since they appear white, chalky and flaky, but they're tougher than a lot of common poool stains out there! In fact, once they're in place, calcium stains or hard water stains take a fair bit of scrubbing to remove! That's all about to change with the Lo-Chlor Erase it Caclium Cleaner! Simply take the cleaner, rub it on the spot with the hard water stain and see it crumble and fall off like it was nothing! No need to risk your chemical balance to deal with annoying calcium stains ever again!

P.S. To prevent calcium build-up and hard water stains, it's always best to check your calcium levels and balance them so they're at their recommended levels.

Lo-Chlor Erase It - Tile Grout Cleaner

Another product from the Lo-Chlor Erase It line is their tile grout cleaner! Tile grout is probably one of the hardest things to clean, they discolor so easily, they’re tough to get to, and if you’re not careful, they can easily get damaged! Just like the other Erase It products, the tile grout cleaner contains no chemicals, they’re safe to use, and they won’t damage your tile grout! The best thing is, they’re designed to make cleaning grout so easy! Shaped to go right between tiles and directly on to the grout, bring them back to their original color in no time at all!

Lo-Chlor Iron Stain Remover

Brown splotches all over your pool? Once you have confirmed that it’s not brown algae (see how to identify and treat pool stains here) then you may have an iron stain problem on your hands. Iron stains are basically patches of rust in your pool and they they don’t go away easily. Your best bet is to use the Lo-Chlor Iron Stain Remover to gently dissolve the bonds of the iron stain on the surface so it can easily be scrubbed out.

How to Use the Lo-Chlor Iron Stain Remover

  • Allow your free chlorine levels to drop below 0.5PPM so that it won’t interfere with the stain remover.
  • Adjust the water’s pH level to fall between 7.2 and 7.6
  • For every 50,000 liters of water in your pool, dissolve 1 KG of the Lo-Chlor Iron Stain remover all over the pool and leave the pump and filter to run for at least 24 hours to get it well circulated
  • Manually scrub all of your pool surfaces with a good pool brush to ensure that every little stain is removed
  • Re-check your chemical levels and re-balance your chemical levels (very important!)
  • Enjoy your pool!

Lo-Chlor Tile & Vinyl Cleaner

Unsightly stains outside of your pool? Hard water stains on your tile deck or on your kitchen surfaces? How about scum lines and calcium stains on your pool walls? There’s an easy way to deal with all of that with the Lo-Chlor Tile & Vinyl Cleaner! Simply spritz a little bit on the affected area and wipe off! It’s that easy! Although the Til & Vinyl cleaner won’t affect your pool’s water balance or cause cloudiness, it’s still advisable to wear gloves when using the product as it is highly alkaline.

Lo-Chlor Glass & Chrome Cleaner

Cloudy glass and dull chrome getting on your nerves? Lo-Chlor also has a solution for that! You can get a Glass & Chrome Cleaner and bring back your glass and chrome surfaces back to their original shine! Just like the Tile & Vinyl cleaner, all you need to do is give it a couple of spritzes, wipe it off and marvel at the beauty of your shiny glass and chrome pieces! And as an added bonus, the Lo-Chlor Glass & Chrome Cleaner protects those surfaces that will keep your glass and chrome as good as new for months!


With the Lo-Chlor surface cleaning pool supplies from Mr Pool Man, it’s so simple to keep your pool surfaces clean and looking like new! Yes, just like we said at the beginning, you can clean these surfaces with just your regular cleaning products, but why waste the time? Why waste hours scrubbing and cleaning when these can be done in a matter of minutes right? Nobody enjoys scrubbing surfaces for hours when they can be enjoying the pool instead!

New Pool Owner? Check out this article for more in-depth disucssions by clicking here.

Do you have any questions about this topic or the featured products? No worries, we're here to help! Drop us a question down below and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Happy swimming :)

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