Crystal Clear Pool Water with these new Products

We usually like to say here that the secret to crystal clear pool water is proper pool maintenance, but there will be times when it gets out of control and we’ll need a bit of a helping hand! Over the past months, we’ve tested out some pool chemicals from Lo-Chlor that does exactly that! Safely and efficiently clear out our pool water!

Note: All of these items are now available on Mr Pool Man’s online pool shop after we’ve extensively tested them out on our home pool!

Lo-Chlor Maxi Floc Plus 1L Flocculant

This new heavy-duty liquid flocculant is a combination of a poly resin chemical and your standard pool flocculants. What does this mean? This means that instead of leaving your pool overnight for the floc to use, you can actually start floccing your pool early morning, and by the afternoon (3-6 hours later) you can start vacuuming the flocced out particles to waste! Keeping your pool’s downtime for a minimum!

Using the Lo-Chlor Maxi Floc Plus

  • Before floccing your pool, you must first shock it to ensure that all of the algae and organic matter in your pool is dead. The floc won’t work if there are any living algae in your pool.
  • Make sure that your pH level is somewhere at the 7.5 to 7.8 levels before adding the floc to your pool.
  • Your TDS or Total Dissolved Solids should also be below 1500PPM for maximum efficiency.
  • If you have a cartridge filter, take out the filter elements before floccing the pool, or if you have a sand filter, set it to recirculate so that the floc won’t touch your filter elements.
  • After a maximum of six hours, vacuum the debris to waste to remove the debris collected in your pool.

Lo-Chlor Miraclear Liquid Clarifier

According to our resident pool guru, this is arguably the strongest liquid pool clarifier out there on the market. So strong that if you didn’t know you were using a clarifier, you would think that you have just flocced the pool! This clarifier is great for regular pool maintenance and for borderline cloudy water!

Unlike flocculants, the Miraclear Liquid Clarifier actually helps condition your filter elements! So you don’t need to take out your cartridge filter element or set your pool filters to recirculate whenever you’re treating the pool with the Miraclear Liquid Clarifier.

Some important notes for the Miraclear Liquid Clarifier

  • The Miraclear is compatible with all types of pool systems and different pool surfaces
  • Unlike other clarifiers, this will not affect the pool pH balance
  • The Miraclear is Biodegradable and will leave no residue once it is used up
  • It can be used to condition your filters
  • Consistent use can lower the chlorine or bromine demand of your pool
  • No special steps needed, simply apply the required dosage for your pool size and run your filter as normal
  • Can be used as an alternative to flocculants

Lo-Chlor Pura Blue Clarifier

The Pura Blue Clarifier is an all-natural clarifier that uses the crushed shells of prawns, lobsters, and crabs that breaks down oily substances in the water. These oily substances can come from lotions, body secretions, and other cosmetic products that are introduced to the pool when users jump in without taking a shower! The Pura Blue is perfect for use if your pool frequently suffers from scum lines that are caused by excess oils in your pool. It is also perfect for use in spas and hot tubs where body oil deposits can quickly accumulate.

Using the Pura Blue breaks down the fats and body oils which not only clarifies your water, but this will increase the efficacy of your sanitisers as well. And unlike other clarifiers which are specifically designed to be used with outdoor pools, the Pura Blue can also be used with indoor pools and spas, eliminating the need for keeping on hand different types of clarifiers.


Different types of situations call for different kinds of clarifiers (or flocculants!) as needed. By knowing all of the different options available to us, we can make the best decision so that we won’t be wasting money on chemical or clarifier treatments!

Looking for pool chemicals? Browse the largest selection of pool chemicals online on Mr Pool Man's Pool Chemical Collection Page.

Do you have any questions about this topic or the featured products? No worries, we're here to help! Drop us a question down below and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Happy swimming :)

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