Do Pool Heat Pumps work in Winter?

The quick answer? Yes! A common concern that many people have when it comes to pool heat pumps is that many people are worried that they won’t work when the air is cold as winter rolls in.

The Madimack pool heat pumps that Mr Pool Man carries on its online shop can operate in temperatures as low as negative 10 degrees celsius! That a full 10 degrees below freezing point! And if the temperature drops even lower than that, then we probably have a bigger problem than heating our pools up for a swim! Many of the average minimum temperatures in Australia never reach that level so wherever you may be, your Madimack pool heat pump will work for you even in the dead of winter!

What about the air temperature?

Yes, granted your heat pump will work just a little bit harder during the winter months, but once it starts going and your pool water is warmed up, it will continue to warm up your pool with no problem. It's efficiency may be lowered, but it will still work! And it will still be more efficient than standard pool heaters, although it will take a lot longer to raise your pool's temperature to swimmable levels.

Giving your heat pump a boost

With that being said, there are a couple of things that we can do to give our pool heat pumps a boost during the colder months.

Invest in a pool cover

A good pool cover like the ones from Daisy will help keep the heat in the pool and prevent it from escaping into the cold air when the pool is not in use! Not only that, but it will help warm the pool up as well. How? Even though it doesn’t feel like it, the sun is actually quite hot during the winter, the cold air is just preventing us from feeling it! Pool covers help absorb some of that heat and transfer it to the pool water, giving our pool heat pumps a good boost.

Use a liquid solar blanket

Although liquid solar blankets like the one from Lo-Chlor aren’t as good as a solid pool cover, it still does a pretty good job in keeping warmth in the water and preventing the heat from escaping. It is worth noting that liquid solar blankets won’t heat your pool, but it’s very cheap and it’s better than nothing!

For more information on liquid pool covers, check out our product focus on the Lo-Chlor Solar Shield here.

Use a backup gas pool heater

If you’re really keen on having a warm pool in the dead of winter, then a backup gas pool heater can be a good option. They work in any temperature and their efficiency isn’t dictated by the warmth or the coldness of the air around the unit. What many pool experts recommend is that to use a backup gas pool heater to quickly raise the temperature of your pool to swimmable levels and let the pool heat pump to maintain the temperature! Best of both worlds!

Looking for the perfect pool heater? Check out Mr Pool Man's Collection of Pool Heaters here.

Do you have any questions about this topic or the featured products? No worries, we're here to help! Drop us a question down below and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Happy swimming :)

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