How easy is it to install a pool slide?

One of the things that many people worry about when thinking about a pool slide purchase is the installation involved. Will it involve some masonry work? Will it be a headache to install? Does it need special tools? How long does a pool slide take to install? And many other questions. Today, we’re going to answer all of those questions and provide you with helpful links to make adding a slide to your pool fun, easy, and fuss-free!

Important note: Since pool slides are heavy and bulky, it is highly recommended to have two individuals during installation for safety purposes.

P.S. The installation instructions for the Slide-Away pool slides are virtually the same with the exception of the mounting bolts, so if you’re planning on purchasing a slide-away pool slide then the following instructions are the same.

Tools Needed to install the S.R. Smith Deck Mounted Pool Slides

  • Ratchet handle
  • 9/16” deep socket
  • 9/16” wrench
  • 1/2" socket or wrench
  • 1/2" concrete drill bit
  • 1/4" drill bit
  • Phillips screw driver
  • Power drill
  • Lint free rag
  • Pistol-grip clamp (optional)


These are pretty common tools so it shouldn’t be a problem to borrow from a friend or neighbor if you don’t have them. Ensure that you have all the tools ready before attempting installation.

S.R Smith Deck Mounted Pool Slide Installation Guide

Step 1 to installing the S.R. Smith Deck Mounted Pool Slides

The first step to installing the S.R. Smith Typhoon Pool Slide is to check the included packing list and ensure that all of the parts are there (bolts, fasteners, and everything). Make a thorough count. If there are any missing parts, DO NOT START INSTALLATION, instead, contact service immediately to have a complete set sent. While this has an almost zero chance of happening, it pays to be safe.

*Depending on your slide model, the parts list may be different

Also check the pre-installed gaskets on all the slide pieces to ensure that they’re seated properly as they may have shifted during shipping.

Step 2 to installing the S.R Smith Deck Mounted Pool Slides

Start with the lower section of the slide, this includes the pedestal and the exit runway. Use lag screws to attach the pedestal to the exit runway.Once the bottom screws are attached, feel the recessed areas on the side of the slide for dimples. These are areas that need to be drilled for pilot holes for the lag screws.

Drill through the dimples, insert screws, and tighten. It should feel tight and secure. Once that’s done, flip over the slide and it should be able to stand on its own.

While the diagram looks daunting, it's quite simple once it's in front of you. Once the bottom bolts are then finding the dimples on the side should be relatively easy.

Step 3 to installing the S.R Smith Deck Mounted Pool Slides

Assemble the ladder and top section of the slide. Be sure to use anti-seize lubricant (included) on all hardware except for the lag screw bolts which are meant to be permanent.

When you see this image on the installation manual, you’ll know that these parts need to be lubricated.

Insert and tighten the stud bolts at the top of the ladder. To tighten them, wrap the bolts in a cloth or tape and tighten with a pair of pliers or vice grips.

Repeat with the rest of the slide parts, but do not fully tighten the bolts. Just tighten them enough to hold them in place. This will help in aligning them later. Once all of the bolts are in and and aligned and all of the parts are attached, you may then fully tighten the bolts.

Step 4 to installing the S.R Smith Deck Mounted Pool Slides

Install the gasket on the top part of the slide (where it connects with the ladder/base). After the gasket is installed, attach the top runway to the ladder section and secure the bolts. You may now attach the top runway section to the slide section.

Pro tip: Always start the bolts and screws on the inside curves first, this will allow for easier alignment of the slide.

Your pool slide should now LOOK ready to use, but there’s still some deck mounting to be done.

Step 5 to installing the S.R Smith Deck Mounted Pool Slides

Align the slide to where you want it positioned and make a mark through the mounting holes so that it’s easier to drill the holes. After marking the surface, move the slide off to somewhere so you can have a clear work area.

Take note of the recommended slide placements for the S.R. Smith Deck Mounted Pool Slides below.

Add some tape to your drill bit to ensure proper hole depth. The recommended depth for the mounting bolts is 4 inches so measure out 4 inches on your drill bit and mark it off with some tape so you’ll know when to stop. Once the holes are drilled, clear out all of the debris then place the slide back into position, be sure the realign the mounting holes over the anchor holes.

Drive the anchors through the slide mounting holes so that the nut and washer are flush with the surface material. Ensure that the slide is plumb/flat against the surface. If shims are necessary, don’t make your own! Contact S.R. Smith to provide you with some to ensure safety.

Tighten the nut 3 to 5 turns to expand the anchor. Remove the nut and add the lock washer before permanently tightening the nut to securely attach the slide to the pool deck.

Step 6 to installing the S.R Smith Deck Mounted Pool Slides

Once the slide is in place and secure, it’s now time to install the water system. First of all, dry fit all of the water fittings so you can make marks for adjustments. Once dry fitting is complete and you’re happy with the fitting placement, use PVC primer and cement to attach the plumbing together.

Once all of the plumbing pieces are attached together, it’s simply a matter of attaching the water system to the slide with the included clips. Turn on the water supply, and there you have it! You have successfully completed installation of your S.R. Smith Typhoon Pool Slide.

Want a video version of the guide? Here are model-specific guides for all of the S.R. Smith Deck Mounted Pool Slides available on Mr Pool Man’s Online Pool Supply Store.

Click here for a video installation guide for the S.R. Smith Helix Pool Slide

Click here for a video installation guide for the S.R. Smith Typhoon Pool Slide

Click here for a video installation guide for the S.R. Smith TurboTwister Pool Slide

Do you have any questions about this topic or the featured products? No worries, we're here to help! Drop us a question down below and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Happy swimming :)

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