Short answer: Pool cartridge filters pricing usually starts at $399 and goes up from there depending on features and filter area size. Pool filter cartridges on the other hand cost anywhere from $59.99 to $219.99, again, depending on filter area size.

How does a pool cartridge filter work?

A pool cartridge filter is basically the housing for your filter cartridges. It’s the replaceable filter cartridges that do all of the work in filtering your pool.

If pool cartridge filters are just housings, why are some more expensive than others?

It’s all about the little things. Some pool cartridge filters have some “extras” that aren’t present in other cartridge filters which may lead them to cost more. Here are some things to look out for when shopping for pool cartridge filters.

  • Housing Material – Depending on the brand, the material can be thermoplastic, polymer or some other corrosion-free material. On this aspect, they’re all really durable so this is something that we think doesn’t matter too much.
  • Water flow design – This is an important factor when choosing pool cartridge filters. Look for units that allow for maximum water flow. Not only will this raise the efficiency of the filter elements, but will reduce the stress on your pump.
  • Size – The bigger the pool cartridge filter, the more materials used to make the housing, so there’s nothing really special to note here except to say that the bigger the pool cartridge filter, the higher the price.
  • Inground or aboveground – It’s important to note if the pool cartridge filter is for inground or aboveground use. Be sure to select the pool cartridge appropriate for your pool type.

How big does my pool cartridge filter have to be?

We’ve written a comprehensive article on how to correctly select a pool cartridge filter for you needs. Check out the article below by clicking on the button.

I already have a pool cartridge, all I need is the filter element

Well, why didn’t you say so in the first place. If you’ve lost your filter cartridge model number, then we have a guide on how to measure your existing filter cartridge so you can easily order a replacement online. This beats lugging your old cartridge to a store to look for the replacement.

Why are some filter cartridges more expensive than others?

It all boils down to filter area size. Cartridges that are larger/have a higher filter area size use more material, so it just follows that their cost increases accordingly. They’re all basically made from the same material so brand isn’t as important as ensuring that the filter is properly sized.


Filter cartridges have no moving parts and they're basically made by just a handful of manufacturers and are just rebranded by bigger companies. This is one of the reasons why the most popular category worldwide when it comes to pool filter cartridges is those for replacement filters. This is why we highly recommend our Water TechniX filter cartridge replacements. They're made exactly to the specifications of the original manufacturers, with exactly the same materials, at the fraction of the cost.


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