Using a robotic pool cleaner is simple, just plug it and go! Of course that’s a little bit of an oversimplification so let’s go through all of the details on how to properly use your robotic pool cleaner.

Robotic Pool Cleaner Set-up

The first thing you should do is plug the control unit into a properly grounded GFCI outlet that’s at least 5 feet away from the edge of the pool. Once the control unit is plugged in and the control box is seated securely, you can then connect the floating cable to the control box and thread the connector until it is snug, do not overtighten the connector.

Placing the Robotic Pool Cleaner into the Pool

Slowly submerge the robotic pool cleaner vertically into the pool, holding it underwater until it stops bubbling. This ensures that all of the trapped air inside of the unit has gone out. Once all of the air is gone from the unit, slowly lower it to the bottom of the pool.

Starting the Robotic Pool Cleaner

Once the unit is resting at the bottom of your pool, select the cleaning cycle from the control panel and you’re good to go! Take note to spread out the floating cable all over the pool, ensure that there are no kinks or coils in the cable that might lead to tangles later on.

What to do if your Robotic Pool Cleaner Stops Mid-Cycle

The most common reason why robotic pool cleaners stop mid-cycle is when their internal filter is clogged up. Remember that most robotic pool cleaners can filter down to two microns, meaning that their filter gets clogged up faster than your pool system’s main filter simply because they catch more particles. When this happens, simply pull out the robotic pool cleaner from the pool, take out the filter, empty it and give it a good rinse with a garden hose. Reattach the filter, close it up, and place the unit back into the pool so it can resume its cleaning cycle.

Packing Up Your Robotic Pool Cleaner

After the cleaning cycle has completed, pull out your robotic pool cleaner and allow it to drain. Take out the filter, empty it, and give it a good scrub to remove any silt on the filters. Wash everything with clean water from your garden hose to remove any pool chemicals on the unit which may cause corrosion or staining if it dries up. After washing the robotic pool cleaner, allow it to dry out before storing in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.


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It couldn’t get any simpler than that. If you’re still on the fence about buying a robotic pool cleaner, then this should be more than enough to convince you to get one. Cleaning your pool just turned from hours of manual labor to just a few button presses. So if you’re in the market for a robotic pool cleaner, we recommend the Zodiac TX30 Tornax, it does everything a robotic pool cleaner needs to do at a fraction of the cost of other robotic pool cleaners. In fact, this guide is based on our usage of the Zodiac TX30 Tornax, not a demo unit, but one we actually use in our home pool!

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Happy swimming :)

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