Knowing how to keep your pool crystal clear is only half the battle! The other half? Pool supplies of course! Just like going into battle, the best prepared soldier will often have the upper hand, and who goes into battle without all of the proper tools right? In this post, we’ll go over all of the pool supplies that are essential in your tool box!

Testing Kits and Test Strips

If there’s something that you absolutely need, it’s this. Yes, you can take a sample of your water and take it to your local pool shop to test, but why would you want to? For just a couple of bucks, you can get a testing kit or test strips that allow you to test your pool water chemistry in just a couple of minutes. Testing strips can test all of the levels that you need to monitor, total chlorine, free chlorine, total alkalinity, pH and cyanuric acid levels. By testing frequently, you can adjust your water levels as needed so that you won’t have wild chemical level swings that can incur even larger maintenance costs.

Pool Shock Kit

No need to get individual components, just get a pool shock kit. Having a pool shock kit will ensure that you will have everything you need in order to shock your pool. When to shock your pool? When it looks like your pool is turning an unhealthy shade or green or if there have been “accidents” in your pool. A pool shock kit contains stabilized pool chlorine, oxy fresh, pH down tablets, sparkle tablets and salt water boost, everything you need to shock your pool!

Need help in shocking your pool? Read our comprehensive guide on how (and when!) to shock your pool.

Algae Brush

Many people think that a regular brush is more than enough for their pool maintenance needs, but when it comes to stubborn algae, you’ll need a dedicated algae brush. An algae brush has stiffer stainless steel bristles that will make short work of those tough little buggers no matter where they may be hiding.

Clarifying Cubes

Don’t have time to measure out chemicals and clarifiers? Then get some clarifying cubes. Just drop a cube into a skimmer basket or into the pump basket and watch your water turn from muggy to crystal clear. This is best for pools that use sand filters and one cube can clarify the water for up to a month. Just don’t forget to clean your filter once a cube is fully dissolved.

Skimmer Socks

What’s a skimmer sock? This sort of a stretchable filter that goes over your skimmers. This serves as an extra barrier that filters out fine particles from reaching your pool’s filters, leading to less maintenance and longer filter media life.

Pool CPR Resuscitation Sign

Remember those signs you see in commercial establishments with swimming pools? They’re there for a reason. Even if you know the basics of CPR, when the time comes, it’s helpful to have a sign to remind you of what to do. Nobody hopes for a situation when CPR is needed, but when the time comes, it’s best to have a guide that’s visible to keep you calm and composed.

Filter Cleaning Solution and extra filter cartridges

It’s always healthy to have a filter cleaning solution when you need it. You’ll never know when your filter cartridges will need a good soak to remove the gunk that has accumulated on it. Having some filter cleaning solution handy and some spare filter cartridges will also make sure that your pool water is filtered all the time. Check out our complete guide of the must have pool tools and supplies by clicking here.


Aside from your regular pool chemicals and supplies, the products listed on this blog can make maintaining your pool much easier! Having a fully stocked pool shack is just like having a fully stocked pantry, it's lovely to look at and it's super convenient when you need to use something.

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