Another year has gone by and well, as is custom, it’s that time of the year where everyone gets to have a chance at a clean slate, or in our case, a clean pool. Here are some of Mr Pool Man’s Suggestions on new year's resolutions that might be great for new and veteran pool owners alike.

Don’t Put off repairs until tomorrow

We’ve all been guilty of this, I know I have on some occasions where something felt so “minor’ that I put it off until next time and I totally forgot about it, which ended up costing me much more than if I just took the time to do the repairs while they were still in the minor stage. If we really think about it, the biggest pool problems that I had all came from tiny repairs that could have been done in a few minutes or where a simple replacement part which can be bought from an online shop could have been the answer.

Pool cleaners can break down totally or not work at all, pool equipment like pumps or filters can fail or get permanently damaged from small leaks or cracks (even busted O-rings!), a single loose tile can become a whole row of missing tiles and so on.

To avoid any of these problems, at the first sign of damage or leaking, repair it immediately to avoid future headaches. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Looking for spare parts for your pool pumps? Check out Mr Pool Man's Collection of pool pump spare parts right here. Filter repairs on the horizon? Mr Pool Man has some of the largest selections of Cartridge Filter Spare parts and Sand Filter Spare parts online!  Does your cleaner need maintenance or a tune up? Don't worry! We also have spare parts and accessories for all of the most common branded and aftermarket cleaners in Australia!

Filter beyond repair? Browse the best selection of pool filters in Australia here.

Keep Detailed pool logs

Not those types of logs! This is a resolution that I personally want to do! Keeping a detailed pool log can help us not only save a lot of time, but this will give us a bigger picture on the overall health of our pool over time. The good news now (as compared to years ago) is that there are apps available for your phone that can allow you to create detailed pool logs easily, and some of them even automatically generate beautiful charts so you can see how your pool is doing at a glance.

When you have detailed pool logs, you’ll have a better idea of what to expect in the coming days, what chemicals to pre-order, and so on. Trust me, this is much easier than buying your chemicals on the fly when you need them. Missing treatments by two to three days while waiting for new pool chemicals may not sound like much, but it can actually mean the big difference between having a crystal-clear pool and having a green pool!

Need a good stock of pool chemicals? Check out Mr Pool Man's collection of pool chemicals right here. Do you still have a good stock? It might be a great idea to see if they're still good by checkout out our helpful post on pool chemical expiration.

Be More ECO Friendly

Everyone’s going green! So why shouldn’t you? We encourage everyone to sit down and think about how we can be more ECO friendly with our pools.

Variable / ECO pool pumps

Having an ECO pump or a variable speed pump is not only good for your pool, it’s also good for the planet as well. Why? Well, these pumps have many energy saving features that will allow you to run your pumps for much longer while keeping energy consumption down. What’s not to love right? It’s a win-win for everyone. Lower energy bills for you, and Mother Earth will love you for it!

How much of an impact will this have? Check out our comparison of Standard pool pumps VS ECO pumps by the numbers right here.

Daisy Pool Covers

Pool covers can help you do your part if you have a resolution to do your part in a greener world. Daisy pool covers basically heat your pool for free! By preventing heat from escaping your pool water, you’re offsetting the cost of a pool heater, especially during the cooler days.

Daisy pool covers also reduce pool evaporation by up to 90% to 95%! With the hotter months incoming, we’ll never know if we’re going to be hit with another round of Australian Water restrictions. On top of lowering water evaporation, having a pool cover also protects your pool chemicals, which means less chemical usage, and less chemical usage will go a long way to your resolution to be more ECO Friendly.

Need help in fitting and choosing a Pool Cover? Check out our ultimate guide to fitting a pool cover right here.

Install energy efficient pool LED lights

Still sporting old halogen lights in your pool? Start the new year right by replacing those old, power-hungry lights with newer more energy efficient LED pool lights. LED lights can last for up to 30,000 to 50,000 hours while halogen lights will run for about 1,500 to 3,000 hours before needing to be replaced. But that’s not the only thing that makes LED lights a great ECO choice because it costs 80% to 90% lower to run!

Switch from Gas/Electric heating to Energy Efficient Heat Pumps

Heats pumps can heat up your pool for cents on the dollar when you compare them with traditional electrical or gas heaters for your pool! What does this mean for your resolution to go green? Less energy consumption means less greenhouse gasses produced and expelled to heat your pool. How does a heat pump save on energy? We have a full post dedicated to how a pool heat pump works right here.

Clean the pool more often

This is a new year's resolution that is applicable for everyone. The more you clean your pool, the cleaner it is, simple right? It’s not just a matter of cleaning the pool. It’s about building a routine that will make pool maintenance much easier for you in the long run. Once it becomes routine for you, you’ll no longer think of it as a chore, but something normal.

Don't like to manually vacuum your pool? Check out the options for pool cleaners in our post on pool cleaners: Manual, Automatic, or Robotic right here.

Test more often

One of the mantras here at Mr Pool Man is Test, Test, and Test again! You really can’t go wrong with testing your pool water more often. Don’t forget to record your findings in your pool log though. For more information on testing your pool water, don't forget to check out Mr Pool Man's Ultimate Pool Testing Guide right here.

Plan more Swimming Pool Parties

Swimming pool resolutions doesn’t have to revolve around pool maintenance. That’s why part of Mr Pool Man’s New Year’s Resolution is to plan more pool parties! I mean, what’s the point in maintaining a crystal clear pool if you’re just going to let it stand there not doing anything. Don’t worry about re-balancing your pool and cleaning your pool, if you already have a good base, it will feel like second nature. Make all of your maintenance tasks worth it. Don’t just keep a showpiece pool, have fun with it! Don’t worry too much about having to fix your pool water afterwards, because like it or not, even if we don’t have pool parties, we’ll still have to test and balance our pool water anyway right?

Need some tips on how to throw great pool parties? Check out our guide on how to throw the best pool parties ever!

Do you have any questions about this topic or the featured products? No worries, we're here to help! Drop us a question down below and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Happy swimming :)

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