Since the swimming season is almost over, many of us are thinking of doing some renovations (both minor and major) due to one reason or another. So today, we’re going to go over some pool makeover ideas that not only make your pool look better, but might even increase your budget for next year’s renovations!

Adding water features to the pool

Water features are one of the easiest (and cheapest) ways to give your pool a makeover. They can be added without chipping away at your existing pool fixtures and your budget as well. Not only are water features like the Davey cascade waterfall aesthetically pleasing, but they add the added benefit of agitating your pool water and adding a little bit of circulation as well!

Upgrading to energy-efficient LED lights

Replacing your old halogen or fluorescent pool lights with energy efficient pool LED Lights like the ones from Spa Electrics or Aquaquip, especially the multi-colored models, can transform your pool from being a drab pool to a bright and festive pool without breaking the bank. Remember, LED pool lights can light up your pool for a fraction of the ongoing costs and they’re much brighter than your standard pool lights. On top of that, they’re extremely easy to install!

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Upgrading to a Variable Speed pump

With the summer coming to a close, you might be thinking “why do I want to upgrade my pump on the offseason?” Well, the answer is quite simple. Even though the pool’s usage will be greatly reduced or even completely zero during the off-season, you will still need to run your pool pump at least 8 hours a day to circulate your pool water to ensure that your pool water stays clean during winter! As an added bonus, having a variable speed pump can actually increase your budget for next year’s renovation as well since you’ll be saving A LOT on your energy bills! How much? Check out our comparison of standard VS variable speed pumps by the numbers!

Installing a Salt water generator

Converting your pool to a salt water pool during the off-season is also a great way to renovate your pool this off-season. Although it may not add anything to your pool visually, it’s still a great way to reduce the time spent in maintaining your pool and will reduce the amount you’ll be spending on pool chlorine, again, leaving you with a larger budget the next season for a bigger renovation project! Worried about not knowing how to maintain a saltwater pool? Check out our Ultimate guide to maintaining a saltwater pool here.

Replace your waterline tiles

This is a renovation project that can be done with just a hundred dollars worth of tile and it won’t require draining your you pool! Yes, you’re going to be partially draining your pool just enough, but it’s something that can be safely done DIY. Replacing your waterline tiles is an amazing way to give your pool a good facelift without breaking the bank!

Go Green with your pool for the next season

Going green is probably the best way to renovate your pool without breaking the bank. Sure, there may be up-front costs, but it’s going to pay for itself in the long run! For a complete guide of converting your pool to an ECO-friendly pool, check out our guide in investing in an ECO-friendly pool here.

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Happy swimming :)

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