Pool Toolbox Essentials: Aussie Gold Aqua Fix-It

If you’ve seen our blog post detailing what’s inside Mr Pool Man’s toolbox (if you haven’t then we encourage you to do so! It's safe to click, it will open a new window) then you’ll know that the Aussie Gold Aqua Fix-it is a staple in our toolbox. The reason for this is so that you can patch up small pool problems before they become big pool problems!

Aqua Fix-It VS Other types of pool putty

The reason we love the Aussie Gold Aqua fix it is because everything comes in one roll! That’s right, no more mixing and measuring out two separate components to be able to make minor repairs. Heavens forbid you lose one component, you’ll be stuck with a tube of something you can’t use right? Plus, it saves a lot of space since everything is contained in one convenient roll. Aside from that, they work the same, but really, the convenience factor just makes the Aussie Gold Aqua Fix-it the clear winner in our book.

Oh, did we mention that it’s locally made here in Australia? This means that it has passed all the rigorous safety standards for chemicals. It's a big headache for manufacturers, but it's best for consumers like you and me!

Quick Pool Tile Repairs

This is one of our favorite uses for the Aqua Fix-it. Do you have a loose tile in your pool? A very minor tile repair that you just can’t be bothered to buy some waterproof grout and some tile setting cement just to stick one or two tiles back in? The Aussie Gold Aqua Fix-it is the answer to your problem. Simply grab some Aqua Fix-it, knead them into small balls, add a bit of pool water to make them a bit sticky and so that you can flatten them into the thickness of a coin, stick them at the corners of the tiles to be replaced, push them back into place and you’re done!

Take note though that this is just for small/minor repairs. If you have a whole section of tile to fix, then that’s another story. This doesn’t mean that you should put off small repairs though, because once a tile has fallen off, it exposes the edges of other tiles to water and can cause them to fall off as well, causing a chain reaction. So for quick pool tile repairs, you know what to do!

Skimmer Box Repairs

Next to quick pool tile repairs, one of the most popular uses for the Aussie Gold Aqua Fix-it is for skimmer box repairs. The main cause for skimmer box damage is basically time. Exposure to heat, pool water, and chemicals will cause your skimmer box to crack over time. On top of that, your pool’s cement with “breath” over time. What does this mean? This means that your pool’s structure will expand and contract over the years. While this is imperceptible in the long run, your skimmer box doesn’t expand or contract with the cement so it’s normal to see cracks or gaps in between the skimmer box and the pool surface.

While a skimmer box replacement is only a couple of hundred dollars, the actual cost for repair would actually reach the thousand dollar level due to the fact that you’ll have to do a lot of masonry work to pull out the old skimmer box, fix the cracks behind/under the skimmer box, mount the new skimmer box, seal it in place, repairing the surface and so on. Replacing a skimmer box is a very big task and it is best put off until other larger repair tasks are scheduled or if a face-lift is in the works.

This is where your Aussie Gold Aqua Fix-it comes into play. If there’s a visible gap in between your skimmer box and your pool surface, causing leaks, then some Aqua Fix-it is what Mr Pool Man recommends! Simply mix and mold into a thin “snake” that’s the length of the gap and pushing it in and molding the edges of the putty to seal in the gaps. This repair should last you for a few years or until you have major renovations planned. If the repair fails due, then just reapply some Aqua Fix-it and you should be good to go again! This beats ripping out your old skimmer box and spending hundreds, if not thousands for repairs!

Minor Suction side pipe repairs

For suction side leaks, a little bit of Aqua Fix-it over the offending part is a great way to stop leaks dead in their tracks. Of course a pipe replacement would be the best way to deal with this but in a pinch, some Aqua Fix-it will work wonders. Some people will think, oh, it’s a tiny leak and it won’t really affect the water levels in my pool or affect the performance of the pump. Well, technically this is true, but what they’re not thinking about is a small leak has a tendency to become a big leak, and we all know what big leaks lead to (hint: it’s not fun).

Note: For pressure side repairs, you can also use some Aqua Fix-it for some short term fixes, but it's best to replace pipes for pressure-side repairs because no matter how strong a patch up job it is, the pressure from the pump will have a tendency to push out whatever repair is done.

Have some Aqua Fix-it handy when replacing pool lights

If you’re installing or replacing your lights with energy efficient LED lights, then it’s a good idea to have some Aussie Gold Aqua Fix-it on hand to deal with the following situations.

  • Conduit Leaks - This is where your pool light niche is connected to your power box. Leaks in this area can remain undetected since, well, they’re out of sight and they’re only discovered once you open up the pool light. So if you see any cracks in your conduit connection then seal them up with some Aqua Fix-it and allow it to cure for at least 24 hours before reinstalling your pool lights. The only other way to fix this would be to rip up your pool surface to replace the conduit lines. Pretty handy right?
  • Mounting Plate Leaks - Again, this is something that we won’t notice until we’ve taken out the light fixture. Just like mounting a loose tile, apply some Aqua-Fix it to the leaky section and press it in to seal in the leak if you don’t have an extra mounting plate.

All other quick fixes in and around the swimming pool area

Since the Aussie Gold Aqua Fix-It can be used on damp/wet surfaces, the applications are endless and it’s a really versatile tool to have. Here are some other fixes that you can do with the Aqua Fix-it:

  • Creating water features/ attaching pebbles under water in pond. Fun times for everyone!
  • Sealing small holes in walls and other surfaces. For small repairs of course, for larger jobs, a full masonry project will be in order.
  • Repairing generators, water and fuel pump leaks and cracks.
  • For fast and permanent repairs to damp and wet substrates, and even for underwater repairs. No need to drain or lower the pool water levels in order to do repairs.
  • Patching dings, scratches, cuts, gouges and holes in fibreglass, metal and wooden boat decks and hulls.
  • Repair of pipes, fittings, electrical connections, water tanks, tubs, sinks, spas, hot tubs, tanks, pools, leaking gaskets.
  • Ideal for emergency in-water repairs.
  • Repairing fishtanks, ponds, pools.
  • Not recommended for filling or sealing joints/cracks subject to movement as the cured product is extremely hard and inflexible.
  • Not recommended for use where hydrostatic pressure is present prior to cure.

Conclusion / Final Words

The Aussie Gold Aqua-Fix it is the perfect stop-gap tool for any aspiring Pool Man! It hardens in minutes and cures in under 24 hours. Stop minor problems in their tracks so you can plan your pool renovations and repairs in advance. Things like skimmer box repairs, or conduit fixes can all be done at the same time (save on time and labor) during major renovation works or pool upgrades so it wouldn't make sense to rip up your pool surfaces just to repair these things.

So yeah, that's it! Patch up anything that can be patched up and do all of the major repairs at one time to make the most of your hard earned $$$.

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Don't forget, for vinyl repairs, you'll need to use the Aussie Gold Vinyl Liner Repair Kit!

Do you have any questions about this topic or the featured products? No worries, we're here to help! Drop us a question down below and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Happy swimming :)

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