The benefits of using a pool heat pump

First thing’s first, a pool heat pump is not the same as a pool heater. A pool heater uses a heating element to directly heat up the water in your pool (think electric kettle, but on a much larger scale) while a pool heat pump pulls in the heat from the atmosphere and transfers it to your pool.

Real, Tangible Benefits of a pool heat pump

A lot of people will be turned off by the initial costs of a pool heat pump, this is a very common reaction and this was our reaction as well when we were first given a catalogue of pool heat pumps. But after learning about the benefits of a pool heat pump, it was a no-brainer for us to choose.

Cost Effective Heating Solution

For the average-sized pool, heating it with a traditional pool heater can run up to $500 per month on electricity bills alone. Pool heat pumps like the Water TechniX Paradise heat pump on the other hand can heat your pool for as low as $50 per month depending on the climate and weather in your area. From this savings alone, your pool heat pump can pay for itself in just a couple of years.


Again, this comes back down to the initial cost. While pool heat pumps cost more at the start, they’re extremely durable. In fact, pool heat pumps like the Water TechniX Paradise Heat Pump last longer than any other pool heating solution out there. Your pool heat pump doesn’t generate heat in the traditional way so they don’t “burn out” as fast. They’ll be there long after traditional pool heaters have burned out and have broken down.

Energy Efficiency

Different heaters use different methods of heating the pool. Electric pool heaters convert electricity into heat, gas pool heaters burn the fuel in order to heat the pool, while pool heat pumps use the free heat from the air and transfers it to the water to heat it up. Using only a small amount of power, pool heat pumps pulls in the hot air, converts it into heat energy and transfers it to your pool water.

If we were to get technical, traditional pool heaters have a coefficient of performance (COP) a little bit under 1. That means that for every unit of energy consumed, the same amount of heating is transferred to your pool. Pool heat pumps, like Water TechniX Paradise Heat Pump, have an average COP rating of around 14. This means that for every unit of energy consumed, 14 units of heat is transferred to heat up your pool. Talk about efficiency!


This ties back to the energy efficiency benefit of using a pool heat pump. Since it uses less energy to heat up your pool, less greenhouse gases are released for heating up your pool. On top of that, nothing is being combusted by pool heat pumps. Gas pool heaters burn up fuel to heat your pool, and what does burning up fuel release? You guessed it, CO2 emissions which wreak havoc on the environment. If being ECO-Friendly is on the top of your list, you might consider checking out ECO pool pumps as well!

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View our Range of Water TechniX Inverter Paradise Heat Pumps

If you want to jump into pool water that’s “just right” no matter what month it is, then a pool heat pump is the way to go. While it’s not really a pool necessity, it’s really the right choice if you want to extend your swimming season into the colder months and avoid the initial shock of “OMG THAT WATER IS SO COLD” when jumping into the pool. Not only that, but you’re also doing your part in preserving the environment and saving money at the same time. Talk about having a win-win situation. If you need more information on pool heat pumps, fill up the form below and we’ll get back to you with all the information you’ll need on pool heat pumps.  

Pool Heat Pump Installation Notes

The total price of the Water TechniX Paradise Pool Heat Pump does not include any electrical installation costs and plumbing costs. For the electrical installation, a qualified electrician is required to properly ground the unit and hardwire it into your home’s electrical system. The total costs for electrical installation of the Water TechniX Paradise Pool Heat Pump can run anywhere from $120 - $200 depending on labor costs, location, and materials used for installation.

For the plumbing costs, a trade qualification is not required, but is recommended to ensure that the warranty isn’t voided. Plumbing costs can be anywhere from $100 - $500 depending on the labor costs and the complexity of the plumbing work to be done. If your pool’s plumbing system has enough space to accommodate a pool heat pump without complex plumbing work then it shouldn’t cost too much. To know more about how to properly size a pool heat pump, click here.

These are just rough approximations of expenses, for a more accurate estimate, contact your local electrician and plumber.

For a more detailed explanation on things to consider when getting a Water TechniX Pool Heat Pump, click the button below.

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Happy swimming :)

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