Things to Consider when Getting a Pool Heat Pump

Thinking of getting a pool heat pump to keep your pool water a nice and relaxing level? Good for you! But before you pull the trigger on getting a Water TechniX Pool Heat Pump, here are some things to consider with regard to installing your new pool heat pump system. The price of the Water TechniX pool heat pump does not include installation costs as these may vary depending on your location and the amount of materials needed for the installation.

What we’re about to present here is just an estimate based on the feedback of many of our customers and they may be higher or lower depending on your situation.

Electrical Installation Costs of a Water TechniX Pool Heat Pump

To install a new Water TechniX Pool Heat Pump, a qualified electrician is required to properly ground/earth the unit and hardwire it into your home electrical system. A pool heat pump isn’t something that you can plug and play and special precautions must be taken when installing the system.

The total estimated cost for electrical installation of a Water TechniX Pool Heat Pump can be anywhere from $120 - $200 depending on the labor, location (trenches, falls, etc) and the amount of wires and fittings used. There might also be an extra cost to install an extra circuit breaker switch if your distribution box is already full.

The Warranty requires that the electrical work must be done by a qualified electrician in order to avail of the 25-year warranty on the exchanger and 2 years on parts.

Plumbing Costs of having a Pool Heat Pump Installed

The plumbing of a Water TechniX Paradise Heater can be done by a pool technician or a plumber, a trade qualification is not required but it is highly recommended. The Water TechniX Paradise pool heat pump has some special requirements for plumbing (i.e. no flexible pipe, maximum distance, etc.) that have to be followed to the letter for the warranty to be valid. Previous customers have relayed that depending on the location of the pump and other considerations like pipes used, fittings, and labor, the plumbing costs can widely vary and can be as low as $100 for a simple installation all the way up to $500 for setups where complex plumbing work is required due to location/placement concerns.

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Other Costs of having a pool heat pump installed

Much like air-conditioning units, Water TechniX Pool Heat Pumps have some unique ventilation requirements like minimum distance on each side in order for the heat pump to properly get readings of the ambient air temperature for the heat exchanger to properly function. The pool heat pump also cannot be installed in an enclosed or indoor area (nope, you can’t hide it inside a shed). All of these special considerations must be followed not only for your unit to function properly but for you to avail of the warranty as well.

Total Costs of Having a Water TechniX Pool Heat Pump Installed

Don’t let the additional costs of getting a pool heat pump scare you off from getting one for your pool. It’s almost the same cost as having a traditional pool heater installed. In fact, since the Water TechniX Pool Heat Pump uses less power than a traditional pool heater, you’ll probably end up spending less on the electrical installation costs.

As for the plumbing, the installation cost is going to be the same whether you’re installing a traditional pool heater or even that of a chlorinator cell, as the additional cost boils down more to the actual plumbing work done and not by the heat pump unit itself. You can even do the plumbing itself as long as you follow the instructions down to the letter as not to void your unit’s warranty!

Recommendation and Summary

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