Summer is almost over and the swimming season is winding down to a close as well. If you don't have a pool yet, then this is a good time to start planning for a pool for next season. Why? Read on to find out!

  • You have more time to plan properly - building a swimming pool isn’t something that should be rushed. Taking your time to plan properly will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in revision costs and other “unplanned” changes when pool building is rushed.
  • You can get good discounts on pool equipment - Pool equipment usually goes down in price at the end of the season and many online pool shops (and physical pool shops) will have end-of-season sales where you can take advantage of the lower prices. Just store them somewhere safe and away from the elements or until it’s time to install them! And as an insider tip, pool equipment will usually start to go up in price around early Spring especially since the demand is going up once people start to open their pools for the season!
  • You can plan your yard renovation at the same time - Since you’re already going to be digging up the yard, it’s you can also plan a landscaping project at the same time so that when spring rolls in, your bulbs and other plants will start to bloom, giving you the perfect backdrop for your backyard paradise!
  • You can do more research - Planning early will allow you to read up on all of the available options for pool equipment like energy-efficient pool pumps, energy-efficient LED lighting, oversizing your pool filters, and other things not usually included in “basic” pool construction packages.

Questions to ask before signing a contract

Now, if you’ve decided that a pool is on your horizon and you’ve already asked around and you’re ready to go ahead and take the next step, here are some things that you need to ask your builder before going ahead and pulling the trigger.

  • How long will the total project take? - This is the first question to ask your pool builder. Knowing the exact timeframe will allow you to properly plan everything and set expectations since delayed construction can be a cause for stress for both the homeowner and the contractor.
  • Does my pool have a warranty and what’s included in the warranty? - Have the contractor outline everything that’s included in the warranty in plain terms. Sometimes technical warranties can be different from what you may expect. Having the warranty in plain language will give you peace of mind on knowing who to call in case something goes wrong.
  • Do you have pictures of previous projects? - A picture is worth a thousand words and that is true when it comes to swimming pools! Photos will be a good barometer of what you can expect with your pool when it’s done.
  • Do you have references from previous customers? - Now this is something that many pool builders will have a hard time giving so don’t pressure them too much on references, but if they can provide some, then all the better! A good way to go about this is to search online for previous customers or reviews. With everything being available on the internet nowadays, it’s easy to find both positive and negative reviews when it comes to pool building companies.
  • Can you give me some contact information for your suppliers? - You can pretty much get a picture of the reliability of a pool builder by their suppliers. If their suppliers are reputable and have been in the business for a while then that reflects well on the pool builder because these suppliers have a reputation to protect as well!
  • What’s included in the contract and what’s not? - It’s always good to lay down a list of everything that’s included in the contract so that there will not be any misunderstandings down the line. Is cleaning equipment included? Will the initial filling/balancing of the pool be included? Will there be equipment training? Is site clearing included? And everything. As much as possible, make sure that there are no surprises waiting for you at the end of the contract.
  • Will the electrical connections / wiring be included? - This in line with the previous question, but it never hurts to ask and make sure! Sometimes we just assume that it will be included and we’ll just be shocked to find out that the contractor will turn over the pool without all of the connections done!
  • Will you be doing all of the work or will some parts be subcontracted out? - Now if you’re speaking with a famous/reliable contractor then this is an important question to ask. Finding out if your contractor will be subcontracting certain aspects of the build will go smoother in the long run so that you can also do your due diligence on the subcontractors.
  • How long have you been building pools? - You’ll want your pool builder to have some stability, unless they have been in the business for more than five years (ten is even better) then we would advise a bit of caution. If they’re fairly new in the business (or they have recently changed permits) then you should really do extra due diligence on them and contact their suppliers because you don’t want to get left with a hole in the ground and a missing contractor.
  • Will there be a dedicated site supervisor? - While small pool building operations will usually have the owner of the company on-site every single day, it’s still best to ensure that there will be someone on-site to supervise the work being done to ensure that all work is done to spec.
  • Do you have an office? - While it may sound like a trivial thing, pool builders who have a lease will be less likely to skip town in case something goes wrong as opposed to those who are just operating outside of a van or truck.
  • Optional: If you know anyone versed in contracts, have someone check the contract for you to explain it in layman’s terms.


You can also add whatever questions you want to the list. Don't worry about annoying the builder with the barrage of questions, successful and reputable builders EXPECT these kinds of questions and they will be more than happy to go over every detail with you! On the other hand, be wary if your pool builder wants to rush everything and get the contract signed immediately! Since you're starting your pool building project early, there's no need to rush anything. A few more hours discussing the contract and planning out the pool is worth more than the time saved in rushing something as big as pool construction.

As long as you know what to ask, then you should be able to confidently able to proceed with your project with the knowledge that you’ve gotten everything out of the way and you’re making an informed decision with one of the most important (and costly!) home renovation projects! Need help in looking for a reputable pool builder? Mr Pool Man supplies pool builders all over Australia! Send us a note down below and maybe we have an affiliated pool builder near you to make your search a lot easier!

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Happy swimming :)

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