Ultimate Water Clarity Guide

Let’s face it, the most attractive pool is a clean pool. Not just chemically clean and balanced, but a visually clean pool. So clean that you can’t tell how deep the pool is because it looks like there’s no water! Okay, we’re exaggerating a little bit, but you get what we mean with regard to water clarity!

Regular Maintenance / Slightly Cloudy Pool Water

For your general run-of-the-mill water clarifying needs, you don’t have to look further than getting some clarifying cubes for your pool! Simply pop one of these babies into your skimmer box and watch your pool water stay crystal clear! Of course, you have to couple this with regular pool maintenance, chemical balancing, and keeping your pool filters in top shape. Byy following this routine, you’re all but guaranteed to have crystal clear pool water all-year round and at the same time, preventing any issues from becoming extremely hard to deal with!

Slightly Cloudy to Very Cloudy Pool Water

Now if regular maintenance and clarifying cubes just can’t cut it, we may need to step it up a little bit and go with the Miraclear Liquid Clarifier. The Miraclear is formulated to be mild on your pool filters which makes it suitable as use as a regular maintenance clarifier. Whether your pool is only slightly cloudy to not being able to see the bottom because of the cloudiness, the Miraclear is the right pool chemical for the job!

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Taking the Miraclear to the next level, there's a variant that includes algaecide as well! So not only will you be clarifying your pool water, you'll also be treating one of the main causes of a cloudy pool as well, and that's algae!

Extra Cloudy Pool Water + Time Constraints

One of the things that the Miraclear can’t handle is time. When using a clarifier, it will take a few days (to up to a week depending on the severity of the cloudiness) for your pool water to clear up. If time is an issue or you’re in the mood for some intensive pool maintenance then the Maxi-floc is the way to go. This super strong flocculants grabs all of the particles in your pool, clumps them together and sinks them to the bottom of the pool where they can easily be vacuumed out in no time at all.

It is important to note though that flocculant doesn’t play well with cartridge filters and may destroy the filter elements outright! Only use the Maxi-floc with a sand filter or take out/divert the water flow from your cartridge filters if you really need to use a floc with your pool.

For more information on the difference between flocculants and clarifiers, check out this in-depth look here.

All-Natural Clarifying Solution

Although not as strong as the Miraclear or the Max-Floc, the Pura Blue is an excellent choice for those that want to use less chemicals in their pool. Made from chitosan, which is basically crushed crab, lobster, and prawn shell, this polymer safely binds with the particles in your pool so that they can safely be filtered out. As an added bonus, chitosan, or in this case, Pura Blue, is extremely effective in clearing your pool of both natural oils and lotions! By reducing these body fats, oils, and lotions, your pool’s sanitisers will be more effective, reducing the need for additional chemicals in your pool!

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All-Natural AND All-Around Clarifying Solution

Taking the Pura Blue to the next level, the Ultra Kleer the the ultimate all-natural pool clarifier for the home pool! It’s also composed of chitosan but has a couple of natural additives that increases its effectivity. Not only does it work amazing against body fats, oils, and lotions in the pool that may cause cloudiness, it also grabs on to dissolved metals in your pool so that they can be filtered out effectively, leaving you with Ultra Clear (pun intended) pool water!

This not only leaves you with a pool that’s crystal clear, but it increases the efficiency of your pool filters!

How safe is the Ultra-Kleer? Well, so safe that it can actually be used in ponds! Safe for first! So if you have a pond that you want to treat for cloudiness, it’s super safe for the fishies as well!

Bonus: Getting rid of biofilm

While all of the solutions we’ve presented on this post all dealt with treating pool cloudiness, this final pool chemical that we’re going to be featuring will address one of the causes of pool cloudiness, and that’s bio film! Bio Film is basically the film that forms on your pool’s plumbing (away from sight) and just lurks there, adding to the load in your pool and causing cloudiness! The Lo-Chlor Bio Klenz takes care of this build-up by lifting it out and allows your pool filters to trap them so you can enjoy a clearer pool experience! Other benefits of using the Bio Klenz are:

  • Your salt cells last longer since you can turn it down due to the lower sanitiser demand of your pool.
  • For vinyl pool users, the liners will last longer since there isn’t a build up on the surface to affect its quality.
  • For cement / aggregate pool users, the surfaces will be smoother with less (or none at all!) calcium nodule build-up on the surfaces.
  • All of your pool equipment, like heat pumps, pumps, and filters will last longer due to the lower sanitiser demand.
  • Your pool cleaners will function better since there will be less particulates in the water, leading to a faster cleaning session!


Well, there you have it. Our short and sweet guide on everything you’ll need to have a crystal clear pool at home! Don't want to memorize everything posted above? Refer to the handy chart below for a quick guide on the best chemical to use for your pool clarifying needs!

Do you have any questions about this topic or the featured products? No worries, we're here to help! Drop us a question down below and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Happy swimming :)

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