Paris is the city of light and its metro is one of the most famous in the world. Some of its stations, converted into ghost stations after being abandoned, will once again be used once this proposal by Paris architecture firm Oxo Architect's, founded by architect Manal Rachdi, becomes a reality.

His unique vision focuses on developing architectural systems that transform current research and analysis methods, and have allowed him to imagine a highly-valuable underground world.

The aim of the project is to give life back to these dark and abandoned spaces. This is a long-term project, for the sole purpose that the city re-occupy these spaces as needed. The concept is left open to the possibility of converting, for example, one of the stations into a pool or a gym, and thus compensate for the lack of sports and recreational facilities in some areas of the French capital.

A theatre for artists, choreographers, dancers…or a nightclub for parties that can pump up the volume without disturbing the neighbours. An underground garden for a walk on a rainy day in a unique setting…or an art gallery or restaurant.

These proposals have little to do with the original use of these spaces, which were inaugurated over a 100 years ago in the mid-1900s in preparation for the Paris Olympic Games. The Métropolitain seeks to resurrect the underground much like New York did with its Low Line project, an innovative plan that uses solar technology to light a traditional tunnel of the old tram on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. This is an incredible underground park that features a beautiful space for recreation and culture in one of the most populated yet exciting places in the world. Click here for more pool blogs!