Meet the chlorinator that’s taking on the pool industry! The cheap ones break, the expensive ones require a small loan or selling your kidney in the black market.

Chlorinators often can’t be delivered, you have to haul it back from your local pool shop and there's always an element of doubt as to its ability to sanitize your pool.

Introducing the Water TechniX Atomic Chlorinator! We spent 18 months designing a Salt Water Chlorinator that’s truly fit for the way Aussies live today.

Made for our mild Winters and ^#%^@$^%$ scorching hot Summers, for a bathing load of a small family or the whole football team, the Water TechniX Atomic Saltwater Chlorinator has got your back!

Delivered to your door, for free, and easy to install. And at an unbeatable price that does away with the dodgy industry tactics.

As with all Mr Pool Man products, you’ll have 60 days to fall in love with your new chlorinator. If it doesn’t work out, simply return it and we’ll give you a full refund.

If you are considering moving across from manually dosing your pool to an easy automated saltwater system, or thinking of replacing your existing chlorinator system then The Water TechniX chlorinator is an easy, affordable solution!


Designed with the gentle art of relaxation in mind, the Water TechniX Atomic Salt Water Chlorinator is quick and easy to install, operate and maintain giving you more time to perfect your relaxation techniques. Spend more time enjoying your pool not maintaining it.

The robust design, user friendly controls and low maintenance electrode make it ideal for any residential pool in all climates. Available in 3 sizes, all you have to do is select the optimum size for your pool.

The robust design, user friendly controls and low maintenance electrode make it ideal for any residential pool in all climates. Available in 3 sizes, all you have to do is pick the size best suited to your pool.

  • WT25 (25 grams of chlorine per hour, suitable for 20,000L - 50,000L)
  • WT35 (35 grams of chlorine per hour, suitable for 50,000L - 70,000L)
  • WT45 (45 grams of chlorine per hour, suitable for 70,000L - 90,000L)


Tip: We always recommend sizing UP! You can always turn your chlorinator down, though once it reaches its max output you can’t turn it up. On those hot summer days when you’ve got the family around the pool, the extra cost to opt for the larger unit will benefit you and your pool in the long run.

Why Salt Water?

Chlorine is like the steamed spinach of swimming pool ownership – there may be a few strange folks out there who genuinely like it, but most people only accept it begrudgingly. If it weren’t so effective at keeping a swimming pool in good health, it’s safe to say nobody would want chlorine anywhere near their home. It’s hazardous to store and handle. It irritates eyes and skin. And – much like steamed spinach – it smells bad.

Less Pool Maintenance with a Saltwater Chlorinator

Pool maintenance is more “hands-off” with a salt water system, as the salt cell simply produces chlorine as needed. You do not need to constantly check your chlorine levels and rebalance your pool.

A saltwater chlorinator constantly sanitises your pool

By automating your sanitization and not needing to manually dose your pool means that you can have faith in knowing that your pool is safe and healthy to swim in all year round.

Salt water "feels soft"

Salt water is known to be more comfortable for the skin and hair. The water is softer, and skin is treated by left over salt particles to retain more moisture.

Just Enough Chlorine in your Pool

Strictly speaking, salt water pools are not chlorine free. Rather, these systems create their own chlorine using salt through a process called electrolysis. The salt-water process however allows for considerably smaller chlorine use than the traditional process of adding chlorine directly to the water. By adding consistent but lower levels of chlorine to your pool, chlorine levels replenish steadily, rather than the huge influx caused when you drop chlorine in a liquid, granulated or tablet form into the water.

Saltwater Chlorinators are Safer

Using salt means you don’t have dangerous chlorine lying around your yard (safer for families with younger children and curious pups!)

Saltwater Pools Are Healthier

Lower levels of chlorine means less build-up of chloramines. This results in fewer odors, less skin and eye irritation and no more green hair.

How do Salt Water Chlorinators actually work?

Salt-water pool systems work by converting Sodium Chloride (salt) into sodium hypochlorite (chlorine) in a process known as electrolysis. The salt passes over titanium cell plates, where it is then transformed into a natural chlorine known as hypochlorous acid. Once used in the pool, the hypochlorous acid changes back into salt and is recycled in the system, offering a softer water feel than regular pools.

Read more on how self-cleaning salt water chlorinators work here. 

Benefits of the Water TechniX Atomic Salt Water Chlorinator

  • Low salt operation: 2500-3500ppm - As opposed to traditional chlorinators on the market that require 5000ppm (parts per million) salt levels to operate at their full potential, Water TechniX chlorinators only require a max of 3500. This means less damage to your pool accessories and lower chlorine levels. High salt levels can promote corrosive damage to metallic equipment such as handrails, ladders and light rings, or pool heaters, so running at a low 3500ppm is a win for your pool equipment.
  • Compatible with traditional salt water and mineral salt pools - By incorporating a unique dual system that allows you to either use traditional salt chlorination or the modern mineral salt method of chlorination, the Water TechniX Atomic chlorinator will compliment whichever way you wish to run your pool. (i.e. if your want a magnesium or MagnaPool-type mineral pool, all you need to do is add magnesium minerals instead of salt!)
  • The best in Technology - Water TechniX use nothing but the best and we incorporate reverse polarity (self cleaning) technology to prevent calcium build up and keep cell cleaning to a bare minimum. Plus the clear housing makes it easy to see when it needs any attention.
  • Engineered for a long life - Water TechniX engineered solid plates into the electrode as opposed to traditional perforated plates. The larger surface area allows for greater conductivity and a longer life span.
  • Set and forget - The control panel is fully equipped with clock and timers enabling ‘set and forget’ operation.
  • Super chlorinate boost function - The simple control panel panel features a series of LED’s to indicate chlorine output level plus a one touch super chlorination button for times when you need maximum output.
  • Ease of exchange - The average salt water chlorinator electrode has an average lifespan of 5 - 6 years. The Water TechniX chlorinator makes this replacement a breeze with the use of simple twist union connectors on each side of the cell.

Summary and Conclusion

With the rapid advancement of technology, pool maintenance is slowly becoming more and more affordable and hands-free. One of the main goals of Mr Pool Man and Water TechniX is to bring affordable, yet top quality equipment to the homes of Australians everywhere by eliminating the middle man and proving top-shelf quality products at very competitive prices. For more information about salt water pools and saltwater chlorination, check out these other blog posts from Mr Pool Man:

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Do you have any questions about this topic or the featured products? No worries, we're here to help! Drop us a question down below and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Happy swimming :)

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