Summer is just around the corner... I'm not panicking you're panicking!

So, it’s time to get summer body ready!

Rather than hitting the gym to work up a sweat, why not take advantage of your swimming pool for a free, refreshing and energising workout at home and follow these swimming pool exercises.

Swimming laps is a great way to burn fat while toning your muscles and provides a full body workout. Plus it’s a low impact sport so there’s less chance of injury to your shins and knees.

A workout in your backyard swimming pool also means no busy gyms to contend with or loud music – it’s just you and the cool water.


It’s not just about swimming laps of freestyle – you can incorporate flippers and a kickboard which is a great way to burn calories and tone your legs. If you have a smaller swimming pool, hold onto the edge of the pool with your arms and body stretched out and kick your legs, you could also try using our pool resistance trainer for extra help getting those strokes in. You could try speed intervals or different kick strokes such as butterfly or backstroke to mix it up.

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If you’re a beginner swimmer start with the basics – leisurely swimming either freestyle or breaststroke still provides a great overall workout. A kickboard and flippers will come in handy to help with buoyancy.

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Incorporate some water aerobics into your workout including wading and on the spot jogging (be careful of slipping if your swimming pool is tiled!)

Sidestroke is another great way for beginners to work out in the pool. Lie on one side with your lower arm extended with your ear resting on your arm, and your other arm stretched in the other direction along your body. Hold on to a kickboard with your top hand and kick either butterfly or freestyle kicks.

For more advanced swimmers, swim at a moderate to hard intensity for ten laps, making sure to breathe every three strokes. Rest for one minute and then repeat.


  1. Focus on form: When swimming freestyle, it’s important to keep your head in the water and look at the bottom of the pool, otherwise your legs and hips will drop. Try not to roll your body too far either side when taking a breath, focus on just using your head to raise your mouth out of the water.

  1. Breathe better: Try to focus on ‘bilateral’ breathing (bilateral is swimming jargon for breathing on both sides), or alternate breathing on the right and left sides every three strokes. If you're advanced, every 5-7 strokes.

  2. Roll with it: Avoid lifting your whole head to breathe. Instead, roll your body on one side so that your ear is still in the water and the corner of your mouth at the surface. 

  3. Practice: If you’re not a confident swimmer practice by kicking in the shallow end of the pool. Using flippers will give you extra power. 

  4. Apply for the Olympic swimming team, you are now a swimming athlete! Ta-da!

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