Finally, True Chemical-Free Pools

So what exactly is a chemical-free pool? These are just like your traditional swimming pools but they operate with ZERO chemicals! That’s right, a 100% chlorine-free and chemical-free pool that’s as clean as your traditional chlorinated pool or salt pool! Now before we got to speak with the folks over at Quest Fresh Water Systems, we didn’t really put much stock into chemical-free pools as they required complex balancing acts with plants and other things commonly found in nature.

How does Quest Fresh Water System work?

The Quest Fresh Water System has three main components that clean and sanitises pool water, making it safe and fresh! The system has two electrolysis cells (an ioniser and oxidiser) and a magnetic chamber to ensure that your pool water stays perfect all the time!

Quest Fresh Water Ioniser

For centuries, copper and silver has been used to kill bacteria. Don’t take our word for it, there are numerous articles on ScienceDaily that back this up with extensive research.

The ioniser is an electrode with copper and silver rods inside. When electric current flows between the rods, copper and silver ions are released into the water, effectively attacking and destroying any pool contaminants.

Silver ions attack bacteria that are present in the pool water and inside your filtration system. In fact, silver ions are more effective in killing bacteria when compared to safe levels of chlorine. It even deals with biofilm, something that chlorine has a hard time, with or cannot deal with under normal situations.

Copper ions act as your algaecide. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as the most effective algaecides like the Water TechniX Algaecide is copper-based. What copper ions do is that they stick to the outer membranes of algae, causing them to leak and die. Dead algae equal clearer pools!

The Quest freshwater ioniser’s rods are made with PURE COPPER and PURE SILVER from an accredited BPR licensed source, this means that you’ll get the full value of your money from these ionisers and not just getting something with a thin plating of silver and copper.

Quest Fresh Water Oxidiser

Traditional copper and silver ionisation systems need on oxidiser to be added to the pool to function properly, and this comes in the form of chlorine. Quest Fresh Water Oxidisers use electronic oxidiser cells with a coated titanium plate. This design means that it doesn’t need any saltwater boosters or even salt for the oxidiser to function properly.

What does an oxidiser do anyway?

An oxidiser attacks phosphates and other organic compounds in your pool taking the place of your chlorine and your phosphate removers. The way it does this is that it breaks down the outer cells of these compounds and takes an electron from their structure, essentially making them inert and eradicating them.

As an added bonus, the Quest oxidiser also helps burn out organic compounds like oils, dust, compounds that cause stains, and even suntan lotions!

Quest Pulsed Magnetic Chamber

This is what brings everything together. The Pulsed Magnetic Chamber or PMC used in the Quest Fresh Water System helps remove scale and prevents the formation of new scale in the water. This component takes care of the calcium chemicals and other balancing chemicals that you need to add to maintain pH balance and calcium levels in your pool.

How does a Pulsed Magnetic Chamber work?

When water flows into the chamber, it passes through a variable frequency magnetic field. If that sounds complicated, it really isn’t! Basically what it does is the vibrations break down the crystal structure of the scale, allowing it to be filtered out and washed away! This improves the overall efficiency of your pool’s filtration system, pumps, and heaters!

And when calcium scale is no longer an issue, this removes the issue of scale being the breeding ground of bacteria and other pool contaminants!

Reasons to have a fresh water and chemical-free pool

  • No added chemicals whatsoever!
  • Perfect for those with sensitive skin or respiratory problems
  • No smells (perfect for indoor pool applications!)
  • The silver and copper ions remain active longer in the pool which means lower pump run times! Paired with an energy-efficient pool pump and you have the perfect combination of sanitising and savings!
  • Did we mention no ongoing chemical costs and purchases?  
  • Since you won’t need chemicals, there’s no longer a need to handle them!
  • Easy to install and operate!
  • Since there’s no chemical usage, there won’t be bleaching and staining of your pool surroundings and your swimwear as well!

Mr Pool Man’s Take on Fresh water pools

We’ve always been open to new technology when it comes to maintaining our pools, this is why we advocate for salt water pools and we love the energy-efficient pool heat pumps. Fresh water and chemical-free pools on the other hand, we were a bit skeptical because of the health implications of having no chemicals in the pool to deal with bacteria and algae.

After testing out the Quest Fresh Water System, we changed our stance! With the advances in technology, it is truly possible to have a chemical-free pool while keeping it clean and safe at the same time! If you have any questions about the Quest Fresh Water System and Chemical-Free pools, here at Mr Pool Man, you can always reach out to our support team through the form below!

Do you have any questions about this topic or the featured products? No worries, we're here to help! Drop us a question down below and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Happy swimming :)

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