Black Friday Pool Cover Sale, Time to Buy?

Have you been thinking of getting a pool cover but you’re still a bit hesitant to pull the trigger? We’ve rounded up all of the pros and cons of getting a pool cover to help you make a clear and informed decision this Black Friday while they’re on sale.

PROs of getting a Pool Cover

You can save water with a Pool Cover

Did you know that your pool loses anywhere from 50,000 to 100,000 litres of water per year in evaporation alone? Many people don’t realize that their pool loses that much simply because on a daily basis, it isn’t that noticeable. You don’t really notice one or two hundred litres evaporating on a daily basis, but it’s happening. This equates to a few hundred dollars every year on water loss! With a pool cover, you can cut down that water evaporation by up to 90%!

Pool Covers Double the Efficiency of your Pool Heater

Aside from preventing water loss by preventing evaporation, good pool covers like the one made by Daisy that Mr Pool Man carries also prevent heat from escaping your pool. Studies have shown that with the proper use of a pool cover, you can drastically decrease your pool heating bill by 50% or if you look at it another way, you’re getting twice as much heating power per dollar that you spend on heating! It's not magic, it's science!

P.S. You can even lower your pool heating bills even further by investing in a good quality pool heat pump, but that’s another story for another day. But if you’re interested in reading more about heat pumps, check out our article outlining the benefits of owning a pool heat pump here.

Pool Covers Protect your pool from Leaves and Debris

The logic is simple on this one, if there’s a cover, then debris will be caught on the covers instead of going into your pool. This alone will save you hours of vacuuming and cleaning your pool! Of course if you have a good automatic pool cleaner or a robotic pool cleaner this wouldn’t be at the top of your worry list, but for those who don’t have automatic pool cleaners or robotic pool cleaners, a thing that sends a cold shock of dread through their spines is waking up to a pool filled with leaves and other debris.

Pool Covers reduce Chlorine Usage

If you’re familiar with your pool chemicals, you’ll know that chlorine gets burned off by the sun's UV rays. With a pool cover, this will be a problem of the past. Your pool water is shielded from UV rays by your cover and effectively prolonging the amount of time you need to add chlorine to maintain its sanitising power. This also means that with a pool cover, you can also turn down your salt water chlorinator (extending the life of your salt cells and using less power) whenever the covers are on since the chlorine stays in your pool longer.

CONs of Getting a Pool Cover

The Hassle of Covering/Uncovering the Pool

One of the biggest gripes people have about having a pool cover is that instead of being able to jump directly into the pool whenever they feel like it, they have to spend a few minutes pulling off the covers and setting it aside. The same goes for leaving the pool afterwards, instead of being able to just take a shower after a day at the pool and going inside, more time is spent unrolling and covering the pool again.

Pool Cover Aesthetics

The pool isn’t just there to swim in, sometimes we just like to look at it and enjoy the atmosphere of having our own little private oasis. Let’s face it, pool covers are a litttle bit unsightly, but they do serve a purpose

Pool Cover Price

Pool covers can be a little bit pricey. Sure, there are cheap pool covers out there, but a good quality pool cover like the ones from Daisy that brings with it all of the advantages listed above will come with a hefty price tag. You know what they say, you get what you pay for!

Overcoming the CONs of a pool cover

The hassle of covering and uncovering a pool can be solved by getting a good quality pool cover roller! Cut down the time it takes to cover/uncover a pool down to 30 seconds with a properly installed cover roller! For the Aesthetics, well, there’s nothing really we can do about it, but again, if you’re ever in the mood to just sit and stare at your pool and you have a good cover roller, you can spend the extra minute to roll/unroll the covers to showcase the sparkly clear waters of your pool in no time at all!

And now for the thing on everyone’s minds, the price. Well, quality materials will come with a quality price tag, BUT we're having a spend and save promotion where you can get up to $200 off this Black Friday and Cyber Monday week! Not only will pool covers be included in the sale, but pool cover rollers as well! This sale comes only once a year (and we’re not sure if we’ll have the same discount next year) so if you’re considering getting a pool cover then this is the best time to get it.

We understand that getting a pool cover is not an impulse buy, so we’re not pressuring anyone with a one-day sale. Our Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts will run for a whole week from Mon 20 November 12:01AM AEST - Mon 27 November 11:59PM AEST so you’ll have the time to carefully weigh your options and do your research about pool covers before pulling the trigger.

Not sure how to buy or fit a pool cover? Check out our Ultimate Pool Covers guide to see an overview of how to measure your pool for a pool cover.

Do you have any questions about this topic or the featured products? No worries, we're here to help! Drop us a question down below and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Happy swimming :)

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