Christmas Gift Guide for Pool Enthusiasts this 2023 Holiday Season

Christmas is one of those holidays that we are actively looking for gifts for pool enthusiasts. It’s one of those few days in the year where the roles are reversed and a gift on this day goes a long way in setting the mood for the upcoming year. Let’s go over Mr Pool Man’s gift ideas for pool enthusiasts to take away some of the stress of picking the perfect gift for your pool king (or queen) this 2023 Christmas Season.

Pool Gifts Under $100

Stocking stuffers! If you need something to the appetite leading up to the big day then we have the perfect list of gift ideas!

Pool Fitness Gifts

With a wide array of pool fitness accessories, you’re never at a loss for gift ideas here at Mr Pool Man! Pool weights and swim trainers are a fun way of telling someone to get in shape or if they're already a fitness buff, keep them home instead of letting them go to the gym every day!

Spa Accessories

A spa doesn’t have to be just about relaxation, it can be fun as well! Our spa gift ideas are perfect to add a bit of spice to your spa, just remember that food and drink are sold separately!

For the DIY-Dad

Is the giftee the type to tinker around everything in the house or pool? These gift ideas make a perfect addition to the pool tool box and are perfect stuffing stuffers!

Pool Gifts for him Under $500

Automatic Pool Cleaners

While your pool enthusiast do all of the pool cleaning doesn’t like much of a gift, you can make it easier by getting an automatic suction pool cleaner! Eliminate the need to manually vacuum the pool and make their life easier in the years to come. Need help choosing between the three? Check out our product spotlight on the Water TechniX Rapid Automatic Pool Cleaner here.

Pool Lights and Other Accessories

Bright a light into everyone's eyes this Christmas with a gift of new LED pool lights or some pool lighting accessories like wireless remote controls! You can also opt for some pool water features like a cascade waterfall to bring a splash of life to your pool as well!

Pool Gifts for him under $1000

Advanced Automatic Pool Cleaners

Take automatic pool cleaners to the next level with these advanced automatic pool cleaners! Just a step below robotic pool cleaners, these are some of the best automatic pool cleaners that you can get under a thousand bucks! We also have a review and a product spotlight of the Water TechniX Matrix at you can check out here to help out with your decision making.

Pool Gifts for him above $1000

Advanced Automatic Pool Testing

Want your pool enthusiast to have extra time during the coming year? Tired of calculating chemical levels? The FlipR pool tester tells you EXACTLY what you need to add, automatically! Get ready for the future of pool testing, today!

Salt Water Chlorinators

Still manually dosing the pool with chlorine every few days? We have the perfect gift! With a salt water chlorinator, testing and manually adding chlorine to your pool will be a thing of the past! Note that some larger models will be above a thousand dollars, but the added capacity is well worth it because when it comes to salt water chlorinators, we always recommend that you size up!

Read more about how salt water chlorinators work here

Robotic Pool Cleaners

The ultimate in pool cleaning convenience! Robotic pool cleaners scrub the pool surface, vacuum up dirt and debris, and even filters the water while it does its job. Robotic pool cleaners are the ultimate when it comes to pool cleaning convenience. No hoses to attach or worrying about getting a good seal or running the pool pump for hours on end just to clean the pool. Just plug the robotic pool cleaner and watch it go about its job cleaning the pool.

Daisy Pool Covers

Buying a daisy pool cover for him this Christmas 2023 will definitely strike a chord in anyone's heart since this will mean that you will be saving money, time, and pool chemicals for years to come! A good pool cover like the ones from Daisy prevents up to 90%-95% of pool water evaporation which means a large savings in water and chemicals! Not only that, solar pool covers keep the warmth in your pool anywhere from 4 degrees celsius to 10 degrees depending on where you are and your overall weather, saving you hundreds, if not thousands in pool heating bills!

Need help in measuring and fitting your pool for a cover? Check out our Ultimate Pool Covers Guide here.

Pool Heat Pumps and Pool Heaters

View our Range of Water TechniX Inverter Heat Pumps

The ultimate pool gift for pool loving family this Christmas season 2023 would probably be a Water TechniX Inverter Heat Pump Paradise Pool Heat Pump or a Water TechniX Utopia Pool Heat Pump. Depending on where you live, pool heat pumps can either extend your swimming season by a few months or even eliminate the off-season all together! Not only that, the Water TechniX Heat Pumps have an average COP of 14! This gives the gift of savings the whole year round! The benefits of owning a pool heat pump are too numerous to list here which is why we have dedicated a whole post to it which you can check here.


No matter what you get this Christmas Season 2023, anything you’ll get from Mr Pool Man will be guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Be sure to send in your orders early to make sure that your stocking stuffers or your Christmas gifts will get to you on time as we predict more and more people will be doing their Christmas shopping from home this year!

As another present from Mr Pool Man, you can check out our Payments page for installment payment options! Get your presents early, and pay for it in installments! Interest-free and without any hidden charges!

Do you have any questions about this topic or the featured products? No worries, we're here to help! Drop us a question down below and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Happy swimming :)

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