Tune up your suction pool cleaner over the winter

Everyone loves their automatic pool cleaners, I mean, who wouldn’t, right? They take away most of the backbreaking work out of keeping your pool surfaces clean and sparkly. Now that the cooler months are here and your pool is taking a rest, maybe it’s time to give your automatic pool cleaners a good tune up!

Why? It’s simple. While summer is still some time away, who wouldn’t want to open the pool with a cleaner in top shape right? Or if we look at the other side of the coin, would you want to go into summer with a busted automatic pool cleaner? Instead of enjoying the pools, you’re going to be scrambling around looking for parts, waiting for replacements to come in, and all the while, spending time scrubbing and vacuuming your pool when you could be lounging about, soaking up the rays!

Pool Cleaner Parts to Check

While some automatic pool cleaners have full kits that will basically replace every part, it’s always good to be familiar with all of the different parts of your automatic pool cleaner so that if something does break down the line, you’ll know exactly what the problem is so you can get the appropriate parts with no delays.

Automatic pool cleaner hoses

One of the things that many pool owners fail to realize is that there are actually different types of pool hoses. Nothing is more frustrating than buying the cheapest available hose (or even the most expensive one) and finding out that it doesn’t fit! Here are the different types of pool hoses available for the different types of automatic pool cleaners.

Kreepy Krauly Type Hoses

The Kreepy Krauly type pool cleaner is one of the most popular types of pool cleaner out there and there’s no surprise there. The reason for this is that it is a no-frills design that just works. On top of that, it’s pretty much the best bang for your buck when it comes to pool cleaners. So if you have a Kreepy Krauly Type pool cleaner, then make sure to get the right type of hose!

P.S. Kreepy Krauly Hoses are marked as “Kreepy Krauly type” or “Compatible with Kreepy Krauly” so they’re quite hard to miss.

Baracuda Type Hoses

Another pool cleaner type that has been made popular by Zodiac is the Barracuda type automatic pool cleaner. This is a bit of a step up from the Kreepy Krauly and their hoses can be identified by their segmented (usually by 1m segments) design. The reason for this is that Baracuda type cleaners work optimally with the hose length “just right”. Another advantage to this design is that if any segment gets damaged, that segment alone can be replaced and not the entire length of the hose.

Hammerhead Type Hoses

The Hammerhead pool cleaner, which was made popular by Onga, will require the use of specialized Hammerhead Type pool hoses. Although these hoses look similar to the Baracuda type hoses, they’re a little bit different so make sure that you’re getting the right hose type for your cleaner as well!

Leader Hoses and Adaptors

If for some reason you have a hose set that isn’t compatible with your current cleaner, don’t dump it yet! You can still use that hose set by getting the appropriate leader hose or a compatible adaptor from Mr Pool Man’s online store!

When to replace your Automatic Pool Cleaner Hose

Here are some of the signs that you pool cleaner hose needs to be replaced:

  • Visible Damage - A cracked hose is no good! If you spot a crack or a stress point on your pool cleaner hose then replacing it will ensure that your cleaner will function as it was designed.
  • Reduced performance / leaks - Sometimes hose leaks aren’t visible but there are signs like the water / air leaking down the hose then a closer look is warranted to spot the leak.
  • Old hoses - pool hoses last anywhere from two years to five years (or more!) but if it’s been years since you’ve replaced your hoses, then it may be a good idea to get an extra set just in case they suddenly break on you!

Suction Cleaner Repairs

Hoses are just the beginning, there are other specific parts in your pool cleaner that may need replacing before the season starts.

Suction Pool Cleaner Diaphragms

In Baracuda-type cleaners, the part responsible for the vacuuming suction action and the signature hops that the cleaner does. The diaphragm, (which pumps like a heart valve) will eventually wear out over time or it may get damaged by things like sharp debris, chemical damage, or even too much pressure over time. The bad news is that once the diaphragm gets damaged, your cleaner won’t get enough suction power. The good news? They’re pretty cheap and they can be replaced in under a minute, the hardest part is waiting for it to get shipped to you!

Note: There are different types (cassette and standard) of diaphragms available so be sure to pick the right type for your cleaner!

Suction Cleaner Flow Valves

Aside from the diaphragm, one of the most important things that will ensure optimal performance for your suction pool cleaners! A flow valve functions just like it sounds, it regulates the flow of water in your suction pool cleaner so it doesn’t get damaged by too high pressure or it performs sub optimally due to low pressure. If you find your suction cleaner to be malfunctioning or not performing properly then it’s a good idea to check your flow valves for any cracks or damage!

Leaf Catchers

While not really a “stock” part for suction pool cleaners, getting a leaf catcher is a good idea especially during the winter. Since the off-season also brings with it a lot of leaves, attaching a leaf catcher to your suction cleaners (and not just during winter!) can greatly reduce the stress caused by leaves and other debris on your pool pumps!

Suction Cleaner “Shoes” and tyres

Come on baby needs a new pair of shoes! We’re not talking about gambling here, but we’re talking about the shoes for suction pool cleaners like the Hayward XL. Just like your regular shoes, your pool cleaner shoes wear out over time and they need to be replaced every once in a while. What better time to replace them than in winter so that you’ll have a fresh pair once the new swimming season rolls in! The same goes for your suction cleaner tyres, once they wear down, replace them so your cleaner can get a good grip and not go slippy sliding around your pool surfaces.

Browse our complete collection of pool cleaner tyres here.

Suction Cleaner Skirts

Suction cleaner skirts allow your pool suction cleaner to maintain a good grip on your pool surface. Although they aren’t technically moving parts, they can deform over time and they can also wear out from rubbing against your pool surface as they’re used. The good thing is that they can be replaced quite easily and if you see that they’re deforming, replace them immediately so that once summer rolls in, your cleaners will be ready to take on summer!

All-in-one overhaul and repair kits

If you don’t like to figure out which parts need replacing or repairing, there are actually kits that contain every single part that you’ll need for your cleaner! All you need to do is select your cleaner model, get the kit, and give your suction cleaner a good refresh that will bring it to brand new condition once the summer rolls in!


Don't let the winter downtime get you down! With the extra time on your hands, give your pool cleaners a good overhaul so that when summer rolls in, your pool cleaners will be more than ready to tackle the swimming season ahead! Click the button below to browse all of the available pool cleaner spare parts on our online shop to give your pool cleaner some love during the off season!

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