Product Spotlight: Chemigem Domestic Pool Controllers

Over the years, the best way to ensure that all chemical levels in your home swimming pool are where they’re supposed to be is to keep testing and balancing as often as possible, or at the very least once a week. Aside from that, you can also keep a pool man chained to your tool shack (just don’t let the coppas find out) to check and maintain your pool chemical levels for you. For those that don’t want the added hassle of manually testing and dosing the pool, there’s the Chemigem Domestic Pool Controller.

What is a pool controller?

Pool controllers, like the D10 P/V (Peristaltic / solenoid Valve) that come from Chemigem manage the two chemical levels that need the most attention: Chlorine and pH.

Utilising a multi-electrode probe to analyse your pool water’s chemical levels on the fly, Chemigem pool controllers can effectively dose your pool water with the exact amount of chlorine or acid to bring back the levels back to where they’re supposed to be. That’s about as hands-off as possible! The only time you handle pool chemicals is when you have to refill the container of liquid chlorine or diluted pool acid.

Peristaltic? Solenoid Valve? What’s the Difference?

Well, to be honest, there’s actually very little difference in the delivery method once the system is up and running. The main difference we can see is that the valve models can deliver chemicals at a much faster rate, but once the levels are where they’re supposed to be and only small doses are needed then they’re basically the same. But to be on the safe side, it’s always best to consult your pool specialist for the perfect type of delivery system for your pool. As per our experience, the Chemigem D10 P (peristaltic) is suitable for most types of Australian home swimming pools.

Why is the Chemigem D10 Peristaltic model our choice?

Here are some of the reasons why the Chemigem D10 P model is our choice when it comes to home use.

  • Peristaltic pumps are extremely accurate when it comes to dosing
  • They employ a suction method so it’s impossible to overdose the pool in the event of a peristaltic pump failure
  • Very easy to maintain and replace pumps
  • If maintained properly, they can last for a long time

Set and Forget Pool Maintenance

The biggest selling point of the Chemigem D10 domestic pool controllers is that once you've set the desired chlorine and pH levels then that's it! No more fidding around or monitoring the chemical levels! Everything is done automatically!

But I have a salt water chlorinator!

If you have a salt water chlorinator installed then that’s no problem! Chemigem domestic pool controllers are compatible with almost all salt water chlorinators and they can control them as well to give you near-perfect sanitation levels! Although salt water chlorinators in themselves are already great when it comes to keeping pool sanitiser levels in check, having a pool Chemigem pool controller takes it to the next level by only turning on your chlorinator only when it is absolutely needed, this adds to the savings that you get from using your salt water chlorinator.

What about cyanuric acid levels?

If you’ve noticed, domestic pool controllers only monitor and adjust sanitiser and acid levels in your pool. Cyanuric acid levels at this point (as long as you start with a level that’s not OVER the required number) can largely be ignored. Why? Simply because the Chemigem domestic pool controllers test and dose your pool with chlorine and acid up to 30 times per hour. You don’t need the cyanuric acid to keep the chlorine in the pool. If it needs chlorine, then the Chemigem will just add a dose to it, it’s that simple!

Save money on chlorine and pool chemicals

Since domestic pool controllers like the ones from Chemigem deliver doses of chlorine only when it’s needed, the risk of overdosing your pool with chlorine is eliminated altogether. Yes, sure, pool chlorine is cheap if you buy it in those large containers, but the reality is, all those expenses add up over the months and years! Overdosing your pool with chlorine is not only a waste of money but it can lead to reactions for those who have chlorine sensitivity!

Having perfectly balanced pH levels will also reduce the consumption of other chemicals in your pool. By winning the game of catch-up with your pool chemical levels, you can spend more time enjoying your pool and less time juggling around chemical levels!

Keep your pool blemish free with perfect pH levels

When your pool pH level is at their optimal values, your chlorine sanitising power will be maximized, preventing algae growth and keeping the pool water safe. Aside from that, having the right pH levels at all times will prevent staining of your pool surfaces, will prevent surface corrosion, and will greatly reduce the occurrence of pool scaling! What’s not to love right?

Know your overall pool health with just one look

All Chemigem pool controllers have a display panel where you can see the overall “health” of your pool chemical levels and what the device is currently doing to address it! No more worrying about chemical levels and manually testing your pool. Simply press a button and you can see the important levels in your pool!

Additional features that are often overlooked

Domestic pool controllers from Chemigem also have a built-in timer for pool lighting. Simply plug in your pool light controller into the Chemigem and it will turn your lights on and off automatically or whenever you feel like it! No more separate control panels for your lighting. Aside from lighting, the Chemigem pool controller can also be used to control in-floor cleaning systems for a truly hands-free and fully automated pool maintenance system!

Best Paired with Robotic Pool Cleaners

With your pool chemical levels being balanced automatically by the Chemigem D10 Pool Controller, the best thing to pair it with is a robotic pool cleaner like the Zodiac Tornax TX30! Short of having an in-ground cleaning system installed, robotic cleaners are as hands-free that you can get when it comes to cleaning your pool! The Zodiac Tornax TX30 will scrub all of your pool surfaces and walls (even water lines!) to ensure that all of your pool surfaces will be free from algae and other pool debris!

Conclusion: Is the Chemigem D10 Pool Controller Worth it?

If you place a premium on your time (or you don't want to chain a pool man to the pool shed!) the yes, the Chimegem D10 Pool Controller is definitely worth it! The savings along in time and in pool chemicals more than offsets the cost of getting a domestic pool controller. Not only that, but having an automatic pool controller will also save you the future headache of dealing with green pool water and algae blooms!

For more information on Chemigem D10 Pool Controllers, Pricing, and availability, reach out to us down through the form below!

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Happy swimming :)

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