Keeping your pool clean and sparkly isn’t just about good water balance. Although we would like to think that it is, there will be situations when specialized chemicals will be needed. Therein comes a new problem, there are TONS of specialized chemicals out there for different situations, but we decided to create Water TechniX variants for only the most important ones. The Water TechniX line of cleaners and conditioners (in our opinion) are the only additional chemicals that you should have in your arsenal for a cleaner and more enjoyable pool and spa experience.

Before we dive into the Water TechniX Cleaners and Conditioners, here's Tom with a quick overview on the Water TechniX line of pool chemicals.

Water TechniX Filter Cleaner

Just like anything in life, your cartridge filter elements will need the occasional TLC to keep them in top condition. Most of the time, filter cartridge elements will only need a gentle hose down to remove dirt and debris that has accumulated. There will be some times though (mostly after heavy pool usage or if the cartridge has been neglected for some time) that a more thorough cleaning is required and the grime that has accumulated has stubbornly stuck to the elements.

Avoid the temptation to blast it with a high pressure hose! Yes, we’ve thought of it ourselves and we’ve tried it once before and the results weren’t pretty. Although it may seem like cartridge filter elements are very sturdy, it’s not designed to withstand direct high pressure from a hose and it WILL DAMAGE your filter elements.

The solution? Rinse your filter elements with a water wand or a low pressure hose. Once that’s done, fill a bucket large enough to submerge the cartridge filter in. Add 250grams of Water TechniX Filter Cleaner to the bucket with water and stir until well-mixed. Submerge the cartridge for a minimum of 12 hours (preferably overnight). Don’t forget to give it a good shake or agitate it after six hours to help the solution loosen the grime.

After that, the remaining grime on your filter elements should easily wash off with a low pressure hose or with a water wand and your cartridge filter element should be as good as new!

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Water TechniX Stain Remover

Stains are a sticky subject when it comes to pool maintenance. A simple Google search on pool stain removal will give you a whole slew of DIY stain removal techniques and even more chemical solutions for stain removers. Taking from this experience, Water TechniX has developed an all-in-one stain remover that’s strong enough to deal with ANY pool stain but gentle enough not to harm your pool surfaces. And when we say ANY, we mean ANY stain! From algae stains, rust and iron stains, and even those stubborn blackspot stains!

Formulated from 100% organic acids, the water TechniX Stain remover does not affect the chemical balance in your pool! Making it the perfect stain removal solution out there! No more using pure chlorine or pure acids or other household cleaners to   get rid of pool stains when one product from Water TechniX can handle all of those stains!

Water TechniX Spa Conditioner

While not exactly a spa chemical that’s required to keep it clean and sparkly, the Water TechniX Spa Conditioner is something that we believe every spa owner should have in their arsenal. Why? Well, spas are built for one thing only, and that’s relaxation! Sure, you can relax in a clean and sparkly spa, but we prefer to take it to the next level!

The Water TechniX Spa Conditioner clarifies your spa water for a more enjoyable experience. Not only that, but it also has a long lasting berry scent that adds another layer of relaxation to your spa! I mean, would you rather be soaking in a tub that smells like pool chemicals or a tub that smells like berries? No contest for us! The Water TechniX Spa Conditioner also softens your skin and helps soothe aches and pains, which is exactly what we’re looking for in a spa soak after a long day of work!

The Water TechniX Spa conditioner doesn’t affect your spa’s chemical levels. In fact, the Water TechniX Spa Conditioner raises the effectivity of your spa’s sanitiser levels which leads to a cleaner and safer spa experience for everyone!


There you have it, three chemicals that you’ll need in addition to your regular maintenance chemicals. Again, these are totally optional, but they’re totally worth it in our opinion for a better pool and spa experience!

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Happy swimming :)

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