Water TechniX Water Clarity Solutions

Nothing is more inviting than crystal clear pool waters. That’s what the Water TechniX Water Clarity solutions have specifically designed for! The best thing? No confusing types and sub-types! Just two products made here in Australia that’s guaranteed to keep your pool crystal clear the whole year round!

In many cases, good chemical balance will keep your pool water crystal clear, but sometimes there will be particles that will be too tiny for your sand filter to catch. Remember, sand filters can only filter down to 20 microns while cartridge filters can effectively filter down to 10 microns or more so cloudy water is a common problem with sand filters, even if they recently had a backwash.

Before we dive deeper into the article, here's our resident pool guru and head of product development Tom to shed some clarity on the Water TechniX line of pool chemicals.

Water TechniX Clarifier

The Water TechniX Clarifier is your all-in-one solution for a crystal clear pool! The clarifier works by attracting particles that are too small for your sand filters to catch, binds with them, which increases their size and allows your sand filter to effectively filter them out, leaving you with crystal clear water! It is worth noting though that the Water TechniX Clarifier is not recommended to be used with cartridge filters since they’re already really effective in filtering out tiny particles and using a clarifier may damage or gunk up your cartridge filter elements.

If you have a filter cartridge setup and you still have a water clarity issue and the use of a clarifier is called for, make sure to remove your cartridge filter when you apply the clarifier to avoid damaging the filter elements! Vacuum the pool to remove the sediment that will eventually collect at the bottom of the pool before reinstalling your cartridge filter elements.

Before trying out a clarifier it may be worth considering that your filter elements may be in need of a good cleaning! Give it a good wash with the Water TechniX Water Wand to see if a good cleaning can take care of that clarity problem for you. If you find that its gunked up real good then a good soak in some Water TechniX Filter Cleaning solution should melt away the stubborn grime and junk that have accumulated over the months!

We also suggest getting a spare filter cartridge for any eventuality, whether it’s a damaged filter or whether you just need to use your pool immediately, having a spare filter never hurts!

Water TechniX Crystal Clarifying Cubes

Here at Mr Pool Man, we believe that prevention is better than cure and when it comes to water clarity nothing is better than the Water TechniX Clarifying Cubes! These clarifying cubes are specially designed to last an entire month, giving you the peace of mind that with the right chemical balance routine, your water will stay crystal clear! No more measuring out clarifiers or running your filters for extended periods of time! Simply pop in one of these cubes into your skimmer basket and it will actively bind with any tiny particles passing through your skimmer and allowing them to be effectively filtered out!

By doing it this way, these particles will have no chance of accumulating and leaving your water crystal clear for extended periods of time! This also means that you’re saving yourself the trouble of applying clarifiers or even worse, flocculants down the line! A three-pack of these crystal clarifying cubes is the same as buying a three-month supply of peace of mind when it comes to water clarity!

Bonus: Water TechniX Mega Skimmer Socks

Although technically not a new product, we're also throwing the Water TechniX Mega Skimmer Socks into the mix! Stop debris from even reaching your pump and filters in the first place by catching them right as they hit your skimmers. This may not sound like much, but trust us, catching debris before they get to your pump impellers and filtration system goes a long way to ensuring that your pool water stays crystal clear!


There you have it! Two chemicals and a couple of extra tools that will guarantee water clarity for your home pool to give you more time to enjoy your pool and less time thinking about why the water clarity is so bad even though you have proper chemical balance!

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Do you have any questions about this topic or the featured products? No worries, we're here to help! Drop us a question down below and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Happy swimming :)

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