What's in a Water TechniX Bundle?

The new pool heroes are here! Water TechniX pool chemicals are the pinnacle of perfection when it comes to pool maintenance! Made from the purest ingredients and formulated for the harsh Australian conditions, you’re guaranteed to get unmatched pool cleaning power without anything wasted! And the even better news? Our pool pros have put together specialized bundles for each season so that you’ll know exactly what to get!

Wait, more good news? Yup! Since these are bundled, not only will you be saving on shipping, but you can save up to a whopping 25% on the total cost of your pool chemicals!

Water TechniX Summer Bundle

Peak season means peak pool usage and chemical usage for your pool as well! The Water TechniX Summer bundle is not meant to be all of the chemicals used for the summer but as a helper to reduce your main chemical usage! This is the perfect example of “The sum is greater than its parts”. Simple chemicals that will save you a bundle when used in conjunction with your regular pool maintenance tasks!

  • Water TechniX Oxi Shock - Can be used in all pool types (even ionised pools) the Oxi Shock eliminates odors, has a built in water conditioner, leaves no residue, and the best part? You can use the pool 15 minutes after application! No more waiting overnight! The bundle contains one single dose packet, no more measuring!
  • Water TechniX Alkalinity Up - Chances are that your pool water’s alkalinity has dropped during winter and the Water TechniX Alkalinity up solves that problem! By raising alkalinity back up to its optimal levels, you’re preventing extreme pH shifts and you’re raising the effectiveness of all your other pool chemicals! As an added bonus, your pool surfaces and equipment will be protected from acidic pool water!
  • Water TechniX Ezi Shock - Ideal for weekly application, the Ezi shock ensures that your pool is free from organic contaminants that can cause green pool water! This leaves no residue and has cyanuric acid built in for long-lasting protection!
  • Water TechniX Crystal Cubes - The clarifying crystal cubes from Water TechniX actively clarifies your ware so you don’t have to! Simply drop a cube once a month in your skimmer basket and that’s it! No more worrying about water clarity for the next month!
  • Water TechniX Mega Sock 5 Pack - This gives your filtration system an extra boost by catching dirt, debris, and other junk from your pool at the point of entry! This reduces the occurrence of clogged filters and pumps! And the best thing? They’re reusable! Hose them out and reuse! Extend filter cycles and keep the pool operating in peak condition for longer!

Water TechniX Green Pool Bundle

You might be asking yourself, what? One item in a bundle? Well, this isn’t your ordinary pool chemical! The Water TechniX Tri-Shock is packed with some of the most potent chemicals to get the green out of your pool water in no time! What is it exactly?

  • The Water TechniX Tri-Shock contains 90% Tri-Chlor stabilised shock treatment that’s ultra concentrated! Killing even the toughest algae out there! (Even blackspot algae!)
  • The Tri-shock contains a built-in algaecide for long lasting protection! No need for additional algaecide after treatment!
  • It also has a built-in clarifier chemical that clears up your pool after killing off the algae! Convenient right?
  • And finally, it has cyanuric acid built-in so that the chlorine stays in your pool after treatment to keep the protection up for longer!
  • And last but not least, it is 100% soluble so there will be no residues ever! Meaning crystal clear pool water after treatment!

Water TechniX Ultimate Green Pool Bundle - Pool Chemical

The Water TechniX Ultimate Green Pool Bundle takes your pool protection against algae to the next level! The purpose of this bundle is not to treat algae infestation, but to end it even beforee it starts! Not only that, but this bundle boosts your pool's chlorine effectivity and keeps it crystal clear!

This bundle counters one of the main causes of algae in Australia, and that is rain! Let me explain. Rain brings high amounts of phosphates (algae food) and dilutes the chlorine in your pool water, giving algae the much needed boost they need to proliferate in your pool!

  • Water TechniX Algaecide - Specially designed to kill and prevent algae from growing, the Water TechniX Algaecide is your end-all solution for any algae problem.
  • Water TechniX Phosphate Remover - This pool chemical has a simple task, a task that it excels at, and that's removing the phosphate for your pool! Without food, algae can't grow, which makes it easier for your chlorine and algaecide to kill them off completely!
  • Water TechniX Clarifier - Dead algae will leave particles which will cause cloudiness in your pool water. The Clarifier binds with those particles, allowing your filter elements to filter them out, which results in crystal-clear pool water!
  • Waterr TechniX Oxi Shock - Oxidises organic waste and combined chlorine levels to get rid of that pesky "chlorine smell" in swimming pools! And the best thing? You can use the pool 15 minutes after treating it with the Oxi Shock!

Water TechniX Sparkling Spa Bundle

Spa owner? Don’t worry! We didn’t forget about you! The Water TechniX Spa bundle contains everything to keep your spa crystal clear and smelling good the whole year round! The Water TechniX Spa Bundle Contains the following:

  • Water TechniX Spa Shock and Spa Scent - Aside from shocking your spa and killing off any contaminants, the Water TechniX Spa shock has a long lasting berry scent! This means that instead of your spa smelling like a tub of chlorine, it’ll have that pleasing berry scent that helps reduce stress and tension! Don’t worry, this has been tested to be safe for the skin and won’t affect your spa’s water chemistry!
  • Water TechniX Crystal Cube - Spas are notorious for clouding up due to the low water volume. Well, the crystal cube will take care of that, clarifying your spa water for up to a month with each cube!
  • Water TechniX Filter Cleaner - Give your spa filter cartridge a spa treatment of their own! It degreases your spa filter elements so that they’ll perform as good as the day they were installed! Not only that, but it helps the filters last longer as well! More savings all around!


No matter what the season is, there’s a pool chemical bundle from Water TechniX that’s guaranteed to make your pool maintenance life easier, ensuring that you’ll spend more time enjoying the pool than maintaining it! And of course, since these are bundled together, you’ll save on shipping and enjoy up to 25% discount versus buying each chemical individually!

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