How to minimally maintain your Chlorinator

Typically, your pool doesn't need as much chlorine in winter as it does in summer, you can cut the sanitisation right back.

This, however, doesn't mean that you should completely ignore your chlorinator.

A simple adjustment of your settings will help keep your pool SWIMMING all winter long.

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Winter Swimming Pool Chlorinator Tips and Hacks

  • Turn down the settings - With reduced bather load, you can get away with turning your chlorinator right down, anywhere from 2-4 hours a day. This will save you electricity and help your salt cell last longer.
    Talk to us, your pool experts, for a precise time to run your chlorinator based on your pool size and setup.
  • Run your chlorinator at "off-times" during the night - Running your chlorinator and pump between 10pm-7am can not only save on energy costs, but save on chemical costs, too. By turning your pool water at nighttime, up to 80% less chemicals will be broken down and evaporated by the sun. Great for when you're running on a lower chlorine output, giving it more than enough time to clean and sanitise your pool. Win-win.
    If noise-issues are stopping you from running your equipment at night, consider an acoustic box, reducing the noise made by your pool equipment by up to 90%.
  • Check your salt cell - If your salt (or magnesium mineral) levels are in check, and you're not getting your desired output of chlorine, your salt cell could be on it's way out.
    Tip: A good way to test if your salt cell is working - When your chlorinator is running, grab a handful of salt, or magnesium minerals, and chuck it in your skimmer basket. Then, swiftly observe your salt cell. If you can see a cloud of white chlorine being produced in the cell, you're good to go. If you can't, or if it's minimal, your salt cell may need cleaning or replacing.
    Usually, salt cells last on an average of 5 years, and it's cheaper in the long run to keep your chlorinator working, than manually dosing your pool with chlorine.
    Read more on salt cell troubleshooting.
    Read more on how to clean your salt cell.
    Shop salt cells.
  • Enjoy a better swimming experience with mineral chlorination - Aussies are switching to magnesium mineral pools for their health benefits and enjoyable swimming experience. Magnesium minerals not only soften the water, but also aid with skin irritations.
    Shop our Water TechniX Atomic Chlorinators. Suiting both salt, and magnesium mineral, chlorination.
    Read more about converting your pool to magnesium minerals.
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