What chemicals you REALLY need in winter

Typically, pools dont need as much love in winter as they do in summer, you can cut the chemicals right back!

For example, the lower temps around Australia will preserve chlorine in pools for longer, this is the biggest culprit.

A simple winteriser kit can help maintain the chemicals needed and keep your pool SWIMMING all winter long.

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Winter Swimming Pool Chemical Tips and Chemical Hacks

  • Regularly check and balance your pool chemical levels - Even when the pool is not in use, your pool needs chemicals to stay clean and algae-free during winter. It is still cheaper to check and balance your pool chemicals once a week than to try and recover from a full algae-infestation.  OR 
  • Dose with Pool Algaecide and Pool Phosphate remover once a month - Less algae load will require less chlorine over the winter months and as a bonus, you don’t have to monitor your chemical levels as much as algaecide and phosphate remover will ensure that you won’t have to worry about algae popping up.
    Better yet, use our Winteriser Kit to cover all bases.
  • Use a pool cover if you have it - Using a pool cover will prevent the sun from burning up your pool chemicals and makes them last longer. Pool covers also prevent water evaporation during winter (yep, the sun will evaporate your pool water even if it's cold outside) saving you money on water costs PLUS it keeps your chemical levels in check by maintaining the correct concentrations.

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The ABSOLUTE Bare Minimum Winter Pool Chemicals

We probably shouldn't be saying this, but we've all been there before. Rolling the dice to just "deal with it" when spring comes. There is a way though to minimise your pool winter maintenance without sacrificing clarity. Dosing your pool with Water TechniX Pool Algaecide and Water TechniX One-Dose Pool Phosphate Remover once a month during the winter months can all but guarantee a clear pool come spring!

But if you want to make sure that your pool is 100% ready for you come spring, the Water TechniX Pool Winteriser kit is definitely the way to go. And since it's a bundle you get the bundle savings PLUS free shipping.

Here's a secret: The Algaecide + Phosphate Remover + Shipping would set you back around $61. The Winter bundle contains Algaecide, Phosphate Remover, Pool Shock with built-in Stabilizer, and a crystal cube for only $79.99 all shipped straight to your door. So overall, a savings of around $25. Spending a liiiiiiitle bit more to save even more, plus peace of mind for your pool sounds like an amazing deal right?

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