So, how do I minimally maintain my filter?

We're glad you asked. Typically, your swimming pool doesn't need as much love in winter as it does in summer, you can cut the maintenance right back.

This, however, doesn't mean that you should completely ignore your swimming pool filter.

A simple monthly backwash or a quick rinse (if you have a pool cartridge filter) will help keep your pool SWIMMING all winter long.

Let's dive into the hacks below.

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Winter Swimming Pool Filter Tips & Hacks

  • Run your filter for less hours - Most pools can get away with running the filter and pool pump during winter for 2-3 hours daily, vs 4-6 hours. Less bodies in the water means less pool filtration needed.
    Talk to us, your pool experts, for a precise time to run your filter based on your pool size and setup.
  • Run your filter at "off-times" during the night - Running your pool filter and pool pump between 10pm-7am can not only save on energy costs, but save on chemical costs, too. By turning your pool water at nighttime, up to 80% less chemicals will be broken down and evaporated by the sun. Win-win.
    If noise-issues are stopping you from running your filter at night, consider an acoustic box, reducing the noise made by your pool equipment by up to 90%.
  • Clean them well, clean them often - Even when your pool is not in use, your filter is hard at work. Accumulated gunk and dirt in your filter will cause the filter elements to degrade faster. Consider an Antibacterial Cartridge Filter Element for longer times between washes (and less chemical usage).
  • Clean efficiently - Filter cartridge owners, using a Waterwand in conjunction with a filter cleaning chemical, to clean/melt off the gunk, will save you time cleaning, and money on replacement filters.
  • Say no to winter algae nightmares - Treat your pool with our winterising chemical bundle. It's like giving your pool a cozy winter blanket.
  • Cover it up - Invest in a top-notch pool cover to keep the cleaning to a minimum. Smart move!

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