A Guide to the Water TechniX All-in-one Chemical Bundle

Before we dive into the guide, let's see what the package contains and what exactly each product is used for:

  1. Water TechniX Oxi Shock 300g: Oxi Shock oxidizes and eliminates contaminants in your pool water, improving water clarity and hygiene.

  2. Water TechniX Alkalinity Up 4Kg: Alkalinity Up raises the total alkalinity of pool water, helping to stabilize the pH levels and prevent rapid pH fluctuations.

  3. Water TechniX Phosphate Remover 1L: Phosphate Remover reduces phosphate levels in the pool water, limiting the growth of algae and maintaining water quality.

  4. Water TechniX Algaecide 1L: Algaecide effectively kills and prevents the growth of algae in your pool, keeping the water clear and algae-free.

  5. Water TechniX UV Blockout: UV Blockout is used to protect pool equipment and surfaces from the harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV) rays, extending their lifespan. Also known as Cyanuric Acid

  6. Water TechniX Clarifier 1L: Clarifier helps to coagulate small particles in the water, making them easier for the pool filter to remove, resulting in clearer water.

  7. Water TechniX Non DG Pool Acid 1L: Non-DG Pool Acid is used to adjust the pH levels in pool water, ensuring they are within the recommended range for safe swimming.

  8. Water TechniX 7 in 1 Test Strips: These test strips allow you to quickly and easily test various aspects of your pool water, including pH, chlorine, alkalinity, and more, for proper maintenance.

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General Usage Instructions

The following general guidelines are applicable for ALL chemicals in the bundle:

  • Always use protective equipment when able (gloves and eye protection)
  • When applying pool chemicals, always make sure that the pump is running
  • Spread the chemicals all around the pool / do not dump everything into one spot
  • Unless directed, never pour chemicals directly into your skimmer box

Water TechniX Oxi Shock Usage Instructions

If you want to keep your pool water sparkling clean and crystal clear, the Water TechniX Oxi Shock is your new best friend. This powerful pool oxidizer works wonders in maintaining a pristine swimming environment and eliminating pool smells in less than 30 minutes.

Oxi Shock Calculator

Calculate the amount of Water TechniX Oxi Shock needed for your pool:

Water TechniX Alkalinity Up Usage Instructions

The recommended pH range for pool water typically falls between 7.2 and 7.6, which is slightly on the alkaline side of neutral (pH 7). Regular testing and adjustment of pH levels are essential to provide a safe and enjoyable swimming environment while also protecting pool equipment and maintaining water clarity.

pH Calculator

Calculate the amount of Water TechniX Alkalinity Up needed to adjust your pool's pH:

Water TechniX Phosphate Remover and Algaecide Usage Instructions

Phosphate remove is pretty simple, destroy algae food and you're weakening algae, making them easier to kill. Phosphate Remover is not a one-time treatment but an on-going maintenance to ensure that algae stays out of your pool for good. Algaecide on the other hand is the one that is actually doing the destroying of algae. In-tandem, phosphate removers and algaecide ensure that your pool stays clean year-round.

Phosphate Remover and Algaecide Calculator

Calculate the amount of Water TechniX Phosphate Remover or Algaecide needed for your pool:

Water TechniX UV Blockout / Cyanuric Acid Usage Instructions

Cyanuric acid, often referred to as CYA, plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy and well-balanced swimming pool. This chemical compound serves as a stabilizer for chlorine, making it survive longer under the Australian sun. However, it's essential to maintain CYA levels within the recommended range, typically between 30 ppm and 50 ppm. Too much CYA can lead to a condition known as "chlorine lock," where chlorine becomes less effective, while too little can result in rapid chlorine loss. Regular testing and adjustment of CYA levels are essential for a trouble-free and enjoyable pool experience.

UV Blockout / Cyanuric Acid Calculator

Calculate the amount of Water TechniX UV Blockout needed to adjust your pool's CYA levels:

Water TechniX Polish / Clarifier Usage Guide

Pool Clarifiers are a great way to add that extra polish to your pool water. While we might be tempted to just dump the entire bottle into the pool, putting in too much can actually cause your pool to become cloudier and putting in too little can make it ineffective. To determine the correct amount, use our handy calculator below.

Pool Clarifier Calculator

Calculate the amount of Pool Clarifier needed for your pool:

Water TechniX Non-DG Pool Acid Usage Guide

Pool acid chemicals play a crucial role in ensuring that your pool remains safe, comfortable, and well-maintained. Regular monitoring and adjustment of pH levels are vital to enjoying a pristine and inviting swimming pool. Pool water needs to maintain a balanced pH level, typically between 7.2 and 7.6, for several reasons. When pH is too high (alkaline), it can lead to skin and eye irritation, cloudy water, and reduced chlorine effectiveness. Conversely, when pH is too low (acidic), it can corrode pool equipment and surfaces, making swimming uncomfortable and potentially unsafe.

Pool Acid Calculator

Calculate the amount of Water TechniX Pool Acid (non DG) needed to lower your pool's pH:

The Water TechniX All In One Pool Maintenance Chemical Bundle equips you with the essential tools to maintain a pristine and inviting swimming environment. Each product serves a specific purpose, from oxidizing and eliminating contaminants to adjusting pH levels and preventing algae growth. With these carefully curated pool chemicals, you can enjoy crystal-clear water, optimal pH balance, and a safe swimming experience.

Remember, the key to a well-maintained pool is not only having the right products but also following proper usage instructions and regular testing. By adhering to best practices and using these chemicals responsibly, you can make pool maintenance a breeze and ensure that your swimming oasis remains a source of relaxation and enjoyment for years to come. Dive in and let the Water TechniX All In One Pool Maintenance Chemical Bundle be your partner in pool perfection!

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Happy swimming :)

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