Do we really NEED winter pool covers? Well, need is something too strong a word. To put it mildly, our pool will survive the winter without a winter pool cover, but it will require a lot of time and work on your part, taking care of a pool that isn’t being used.

What are winter pool covers?

Winter pool covers, as their name implies are covers that are designed specifically to be used over the winter. These can be as simple as tarps that are fastened over your pool to protect it from debris to more specialized mesh types that allow water to pass through while protecting it from debris at the same time. What this does is it lessens your pool maintenance tasks over the winter significantly.

It is worth noting though that with or without a winter pool cover, you’ll still need to look after your pool but with a winter pool cover, your life will be so much easier! If you don’t like the idea of constantly doing maintenance on your pool during winter, check out our special where we take a look at the least amount of pool maintenance required that you can get away with! Winter varies in every counrty, so check out this quick do's and don'ts in maintaining your pool here in Australia.

But why stop at winter pool covers?

If you’ve already made the decision to purchase a winter pool cover, hold off for a second before buying one! Why not spend a few dollars more (or even less, depending on the model you were eyeing) and go for a pool cover that you can use year-round! Solar pool covers from Daisy not only protect your pool from debris but since we enjoy relatively mild winters in Australia, they work perfectly fine as winter pool covers as well!

Another thing that isn’t being really being talked about (but is still very well worth noting) is that using a solar pool cover as a winter pool cover can actually prevent the formation of winter dust or pool scaling that comes when your pool’s LSI levels swing wildly to corrosive then to scale forming because of the drop and increase in temperature. With a solar pool cover, you’re preventing the extreme drop in temperature preventing your water from leeching out the calcium from your pool surfaces and depositing them as scale or winter dust when the temperature goes back up.

No need to get a separate winter cover, just get a solar pool cover which you can use the whole year-round. And since they’re designed to last, you don’t have to keep replacing them, unlike cheap winter pool covers that only last for a season or two.

And did we mention the solar pool covers can extend the swimming season by a couple of months? In fact, if you pair it with an energy-efficient pool heat pump from Madimack, you can pretty much have a warm and swimmable pool the whole-year-round! Of course, getting out of the pool into the chilly winter air is another issue entirely!

Cover and Uncover your Pool at will!

A big problem with pool covers is that once they’re on, it feels like too much of a hassle to remove them. And once they’re off, after a day of using the pool, putting on the pool cover is the last thing on anyone’s mind. This is why we always recommend the use or a pool cover roller so that you can roll your pool cover on and off without spending too much time and effort. Having a pool cover roller also protects your pool cover from damage. Check out this link to know more about properly installing a pool cover!


So are winter pool covers essential? Well, no. They’re not essential, because even with a winter pool cover, you’ll still have to perform some measure of pool maintenance. But again, if you place a premium on time spent, then they can be considered an essential since a winter pool cover, or any pool cover for that matter can save you a lot of time!  

For more information on Pool Covers, be sure to check out our Ultimate Pool Covers Guide here.

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Happy swimming :)

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