Benefits of having a small swimming pool

If you’re thinking of building a pool but don’t have the budget for a medium or large pool, then you really should think about getting a small pool. Before we dive in, let’s get the size question out of the way.

  • Average family pools are 7×3 metres, 8×4 metres or 9×4 metres
  • Typical lap pools can be 9×2.5 metres, 10×3 metres to 15×3 metres


So what do we mean when we say a small pool? Well, again that depends on what most people will consider “small” but anything smaller than a 5x3 metre pool can be considered as a small pool.

But that pool is too small!

This is usually the reaction people will have when they hear that a pool is smaller than 5x3 metres! But don’t knock it till you’ve read through the end of this post where we’ll be going through the advantages and benefits of having a small swimming pool.

Disclaimer: This is in no way knocking large pool sizes, rather, it is something to think about if the budget or space wouldn’t allow for a larger pool size.

More Space Overall

Having a small swimming pool means that it has a smaller footprint and you’ll have more space in your yard for other things! Instead of the pool taking up the entire yard, you can have space for a fire pit, a sandbox, some poolside furniture, and even room for some creative landscaping choices.

Lower Initial Cost

Pool builders will usually offer a price based per square metre, like XXX per square metre and they’ll multiply it by the total size of the pool. So it follows, a smaller pool, smaller area, smaller initial cost. Not only will you save on the building cost, but you’ll save on equipment as well as you don’t need to get extra-large filters, pumps, and chlorinators to ensure that your water is properly sanitised and circulated.

Lower On-going costs

Again, size matters. Lower water volume means that you’ll use less pool chemicals to hit the required chemical levels and you’ll need to run the pump less to circulate your pool water. This also means that your filter elements will last longer as well! This will also mean that you’ll spend less on heating as well!

Easier Pool Maintenance

This also goes without saying, the smaller the pool, the less surfaces you have to scrub and vacuum when doing your maintenance tasks. Not only that, you'll also save a lot of time and you'll be spending more time in the pool, relaxing, as oposed to above the pool doing your maintenance and cleaning.

Same Fitness and Relaxation Benefits

A pool is a pool, is a pool. No matter what the size, a swimming pool will give you all the benefits, from relaxation at the end of the day, weekend get-togethers with the family, and even some good exercise. If you’re worried about the pool being too small to do laps in, you can get a swim training belt that allows you to continuously swim in place, giving you the exact same workout as you would with a large lap pool. You can also get a set of pool weights to get a low-impact workout!

The only thing that you can’t do in a small pool? Sadly you can’t do diving starts with a small pool, but really, who spends the day just diving in and out of pools?


So there you have it, not having enough space is not really a detriment to getting a pool. As outlined above, you’ll get all the benefits of having a large pool and you’ll even save money in the long run! We like to say, any pool is better than no pool! It’s just something that adds value to your home, your health, and your life! And if you’re still on the fence about diving in and getting a pool because of size concerns, then hopefully we’ve helped in your decision making.


We have also added some blog bost about plundge pool below. Check this out if you are interested in getting one!


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Happy swimming :)

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