Apart from the swimming pool pump, the next most key piece of equipment is the ‘lungs’ of your pool, the sand filter! With an undersized or poor performing filter, your pool will turn into a green nightmare full of debris and dirt that no one would want to swim in.

When it comes to having a pool, dirty water has the potential to make people very sick, which is why knowing how to keep your pool clean by combining a high quality pool filter and the right cleaning chemicals is so important.

Many pool owners have the misconception that the pool filter will sanitise the water, which is not the case at all! That is done by chemicals circulated through the pool. The chemicals kill the invisible contaminants like algae, spores, and bacteria while the filter takes care of the debris and the particles left behind. That is why it is so important to correctly size and install a suitable filter to have a crystal clear pool!

Before we go over our recommendations for the best Pool Sand Filters, let's see what the Sand Filters are all about so you can easily get why we chose these particular sand filters to recommend.

The Six Settings of Sand Filters

Sand filters always have a six-port valve with different settings. They are as follows:

Filter: This is what your sand filter does 99% of the time, it filters the swimming pool water.

Waste: In this position, the water runs directly out of the filter, bypassing the sand. This is used when the pool is excessively full or needs debris to be vacuumed completely out of the pool. Please note that this setting empties your pool.

Backwash: This is a short cleaning cycle of the sand to improve filtration. It is recommended that you do this once a fortnight in summer and monthly in winter.

Rinse: This setting is used directly after backwashing. Allow the water to run through the filter from top to bottom for 30 seconds. This ensures all the sand is put back in place and that any remaining dirt is drained away and not blown back into the pool.

Circulation: The water runs from the pump directly back to the swimming pool without going through the pool filter. This means the water isn't filtered.

Closed: All ports are closed. If your pump is still on, make sure to switch it off within seconds as the pressure builds up incredibly fast! This setting is generally used if the pool is below water level and you need to ensure the water is closed to service equipment.

Hayward Sand Filter

General Maintenance Tips for Sand Filters

Periodically, you will need to perform some basic checks on your filter to ensure smooth operation, these are outlined below:

Timing Maintenance Check Service Action (if required)

Fortnightly (Every two weeks)

Check the pressure gauge. If the pressure increase is greater than 5psi, cleaning may be required.

Perform backwash according to instructions.

Quarterly (Every three months)

Check inlet/outlet O-rings for leaks.

Isolate pump, turn power off and clean and grease O-rings. Replace if necessary.

Annually (Once a year)

Compare operating pressure of backwashed filter to initial pressure (when new).

If pressure is more than 10psi different from new filter pressure, a sand change may be required.

Our Recommendations

Now that you're familiar with what sand filters are, what they do, how to make sure that they run properly, it's now time for the reason that you're here; our recommendations!

  • Water TechniX 25inch Sand Filter Aspire
  • Onga Pantera Series P25 Pool Sand Filter
  • AstralPool CA280 Pool Sand Filter
  • Davey Crystal Clear CCF25 Sand Filter

Water TechniX 25inch Sand Filter Aspire 25"

Sand filters are the most effective way to keep your pool water sparkling clean. They require little maintenance and will remove impurities, such as dirt, leaves, grass, hair, body oils, sunscreen and even bacteria, from the water. As dirt accumulates in the sand particles over time, you only need to backwash the filter by simply reversing the water flow.

Sand filters have a reputation for durability and performance, and are ideal for small to large domestic swimming pools. They are designed to give maximum performance with superior filtration for sparkling clear water and are compatible with sand or Zelbrite, an advanced filter media which filters finer than sand and gives your pool greater clarity and sparkle.

The media filter includes a 6 way top mount MPV, pressure gauge, sight glass and unions.


  • Simple backwash  
  • Constructed from strong corrosion and UV-resistant thermoplastic
  • 6-way multiport valve
  • Built-in waste port sight glass for high visibility during back washing
  • Large diameter tank for maximum filtration area
  • Automatic air bleed to stop air build up in the tank
  • Accurate stainless steel oil-filled pressure gauge
  • Suitable for both salt and fresh water pool systems
  • Suitable for sand, Zelbrite and silica media  
  • 10 year tank warranty with 2 year warranty on the valve and gauge
  • Note: Sand is not included


Onga Pantera Series P25 Pool Sand Filter

Manufactured in Australia, the Pantera sand filter is made from UV stabilised polyethylene.

Incorporating the proven Sta-Rite multiport valve and under-drain lateral system, these filters are ideal for small to large domestic swimming pools. The reputation of durability and performance makes the Pantera range the first choice for quality pool builders.


  • Seamless filter body
  • Under-drain laterals
  • Stainless steel filter clamp
  • Durable seals and gaskets
  • 6 position multiport valve
  • Barrel union pipe connection
  • Large in-line sight glass
  • Quality pressure gauge
  • Compatible with sand or Zelbrite
  • 10 year pro-rata warranty


Astral Pool CA280 Pool Sand Filter

AstralPool’s CA Media Filter is 100% designed and made in Australia from the most advanced injection moulding and assembly process of any filter. Engineered and designed for high strength, a long life, optimal flow rates, and easy installation and service, the CA Media filter range provides the best value-for-money filter range designed for tough Australian conditions.


  • CA sand filters are Australian made using high precision injection moulding resulting in superior strength and a light weight
  • 6+1 multiport valve (Backwash, Rinse, Recirculate, Waste, Closed positions, Easy to Drain)
  • Weather resistant body
  • Pressure gauge to control filter back washing
  • 10 year warranty on the tank an 12 month warranty on valve and internals
  • Premium 10 lateral underdrain designed for low pressure loss, requiring less power consumption for optimal flow rates
  • Unique under drain ensures effective backwashing in less time, saving water
  • Suitable for sand, Viron Glass and other filter media

Davey Crystal Clear CCF25 Sand Filter

Davey's Premium Crystal Clear media filter range is specifically designed for the convenient, hassle-free filtration of water in swimming pools and spa pools.

It is Ideal for swimming pool applications such as:

  • Inground and above ground swimming pools
  • Salt, mineral salt and fresh water pools
  • Swimming pools up to 95,000 litres



  • ‘T-Lateral’ System to maximise water flow for efficient filtration and backwashing
  • Virtually maintenance free and easy to use
  • Constructed from strong corrosion and UV-resistant bobbin wound reinforced fibreglass
  • Computer designed providing optimal tank strength and filtration performance
  • Large diameter tank for maximum filtration area
  • Built-in waste port sight glass for high visibility of water during backwashing
  • Stainless steel liquid filled pressure gauge
  • Suitable for sand, Zelbrite and glass media
Davey's Premium Crystal Clear Sand Filter Information


Think about the type of pool you have and the size of your pool. These are the two main factors you need to consider when choosing the right filter for years of maintenance-free poolside fun.

Larger pools will need larger filters, but you might want to use a large filter on a mid-size or small pool, depending on how dirty it gets. Most of the time, filters will specify the size they’re used best for.

So which do we recommend?

They're all good! (We wouldn't carry them if they weren't) but for the best bang for your buck, we highly recommend the Water TechniX 25inch Sand Filter Aspire. It does everything that all of the other sand filters can do at a fraction of the cost. Another reason why we love it is because of its simple backwash setting and its glass viewport which makes backwashing a breeze.

Of course, here at MPM we're really all about the warranty. On top of the 10-year warranty on the tank, the Water TechniX 25inch Sand Filter Aspire is the only one of the four that provides a two-year warranty for the valve and the gauge!

Do you have any questions about this topic or the featured products? No worries, we're here to help! Drop us a question down below and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Happy swimming :)

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