Getting your Pool Pump Ready for Summer

Summer is just around the corner! No more freezing water and cold nights! Time for basking in the sun and lazing around in your pool. Do you know what summer also means? It means that you have to run your pool pump for longer periods of time to ensure that your pool water is properly filtered and your chemicals are properly circulated. Before the summer heat rolls in, make sure to give your pool pump a thorough inspection to ensure that it doesn’t give up on you when you need it the most.

Inspect your Pool Pump's O-Rings

The first thing you should check is your pump’s O-rings. This is usually the first thing to go with pool pumps, especially after a long cool period with minimal usage. There is a chance that your pool pumps O-rings have become brittle and cracked. If they’ve become brittle then there’s a chance that water will go where they’re not supposed to be. So, before any serious problems pop up, check and re-grease your O-rings, and if they’re damaged, be sure to order a replacement as soon as possible to avoid any inconvenience during summer.

Listen to your pool pump

When turning on your pool pump, listen for any strange noises. Contrary to what many people say, strange noises coming from your pool pump is NOT NORMAL especially after long periods of disuse. If there are strange noises or your pump “doesn’t sound right” shut it off and check the bearings. Noisy bearings can lead to catastrophic failure down the line. When replacing bearings, it’s also a good idea to replace the mechanical seals as well since they can usually be bought in kits.

If you have a mechanical seal problem then don't worry, we have an in-depth guide on how to open your pool pump and replace your mechanical seals here.

Don't know where everything is located? Be sure to check out our pool pump breakdown on What are the parts of a pool pump.


That’s it! Getting your pool pump ready for summer is as easy as 1-2-3 or in this case, 1-2! But if you find that your pool pump has somehow rusted over the winter from disuse, send it over to a qualified technician ASAP so that it can be serviced before summer rolls in.

Worse case scenario, if your pump has died during the winter then the best solution is to replace it with a new one, and if that is the case, we recommend that you go all-in and get an ECO pump like the Water TechniX Vortex Variable Speed Pump! It’s super energy efficient, the savings along will pay for the pump itself in a couple of years and it is backed by Mr Pool Man’s bulletproof customer satisfaction guarantee!

And before we let you go, here's our pool guru Tom with a quick review on what to look for when getting a new or replacement pool pump.

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For more information on how to get your pool ready for summer, check out our newly updated Getting your Pool Ready for Summer Guide!

Do you have any questions about this topic or the featured products? No worries, we're here to help! Drop us a question down below and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Happy swimming :)

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