How a Pool Noodle Can Improve Your Golf Swing at Home

Are you a golfer who owns a swimming pool? Good news!

You can practice and improve your golf swing at home using a pool toy you already have floating in your backyard swimming pool: a pool noodle.

Pool noodles can be used for all sorts of things around your house, but using one to improve your golf game is a novel idea.

Let’s look at how a pool noodle can improve your golf swing at home.

Creating the Tool

It’s a simple drill you can perform using a pool noodle and a piece of conduit (which you may have to purchase at your local hardware store if you don’t already have one). Simply place the conduit in the ground at angle and stick a pool noodle on it. For the correct angle, get into a comfortable swing position and make sure the top of your head touches the pool noodle.

How Does This Help?

The pool noodle acts as a guide to keep your head from coming up. While that’s not the source of the problem, it’s mainly from other moving parts of your body that cause your head to rise or lower. By keeping you head steady, you have a smoother and more accurate swing.

3 Golf Swing Tips Using The Pool Noodle

Greg includes a few tips towards the end of the video to help you improve your swing:

  • Practice a smooth swing — tempo is very important!
  • Lag the golf club — keep the club from coming up over the top.
  • Stay over the ball — don’t let your body come up.
  • Another tip: Video your swing. This helps you notice the flaws in your swing.

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