With all of your family and being in the pool night and day over the Summer period, you want to be sure that your chemicals are kept in check during peak season! Here are some particular chemical levels to look out for:


Increase your Chlorinator or dose your pool to keep your chlorine sitting at 3ppm. Turn your Chlorinator output up to 80-100% from December - February. You’ll notice your chlorine levels decrease rapidly during high bathing loads, manually dose your pool using liquid chlorine if necessary.

Cyanuric Acid:

Make sure your Cyanuric Acid/Stabiliser/UV Blockout is sitting at around 30-50ppm to keep your chlorine from being soaked up by the sun.


Make sure your pH is sitting at around 7.2 to avoid your pool from going green and allowing your chlorine to be fully effective.


Make sure your alkalinity is sitting at around 120-150ppm to help balance your pH levels.

Algaecide always helps:

Dose your pool with 500ml of a copper based algaecide to keep bugs and middle ear infections at bay. Algaecide comes in 1L bottles, so add the other 500ml 4 weeks later.

How to dose your water with chemicals correctly:

For all the people that own a Sand filter, after back washing we recommend adding chemicals into skimmer while the pump is running as it will then slowly disperse chemicals whilst running.

Do not add all chemicals at once for liquid based chemicals, we suggest adding them directly into the deep end of the pool. For any powder based chemicals like Cyanuric Acid/Buffer or Granulated Chlorine, add these through the skimmer with the exception of Calcium Up (Calcium Chloride), this should be added to the deep end of the pool.

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