Practical Pool Maintenance After Use

I was looking through my notes the other day and I realized that there’s a topic that’s as important as getting your pool ready, and that’s the post-usage maintenance! Whether it was something that we just took for granted or we were just so used to doing it that we just glossed over it. Well, that changes today! Doing maintenance after using the pool is actually one of the easiest, cheapest, and best ways to keep your pool in top condition!

Why post-use pool maintenance is easier

Doing pool maintenance right after use is much easier in the fact that it doesn’t leave much time for pollutants to wreak havoc on your pool’s chemistry. What are we talking about? Basically, all of the sweat, dirt, sunscreen, body oils, and other unmentionables that get left in your pool during usage will still be there after you’re done with the pool for the day.

Now, our pool water will still be reasonably balanced after usage, if proper preparation was done beforehand and it’s just a matter of giving it a small boost to keep the water crystal clear and algae from growing before the next use!

Step-by-step post-use pool maintenance

The first step is to fish out anything that may have fallen into the pool with a good pool leaf skimmer. We recommend the Water TechniX PRO leaf skimmer for this job. It’s light and agile, making it easy to use and handle after a long day of swimming.

The next step is to empty out your skimmer basket so that it can catch anything that you may have missed. It’s also a great idea to use skimmer socks for that extra filtration layer! Find a problem with your skimmer baskets? Replace them ASAP to ensure that your pool filtration stays optimal! Browse our selection of replacement skimmer baskets here.

And finally, add a dose of pool shock to raise your free available chlorine to get rid of everything else! You may also want to run your pool pump overnight to properly filter out your pool water as well as spread all of the chlorine out throughout your pool.

Optional post-use pool maintenance

If you still have the energy to do so, brushing the pool surfaces is an excellent idea, but it’s understandable if you skip this step, which is why we marked it down under optional in the first place. But if you have a robotic pool cleaner, make sure that they have their turn with the pool once everyone has had theirs! A quick scrub will go a long way to keeping your pool water crystal clear for the next session!

Considering a robotic pool cleaner? Check out our reviews of the best robotic pool cleaners in 2022!

Some final words

If you’re using a sand filter, make sure to do a backwash before shocking the pool after usage, or if you have a cartridge filter, give it a good hose down or a wash with a water wand to make sure that they’re at their top form when you’re filtering your pool water overnight after a long day of swimming!

Do you have any questions about this topic or the featured products? No worries, we're here to help! Drop us a question down below and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Happy swimming :)

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