Product Spotlight: Bio Active Cyanuric Acid Stabiliser Reducer

It’s not often that we put out foot in our mouth when it comes to swimming pool maintenance and chemical balance, but this is one time we’re glad that we did! After doing months of testing (yes, we don’t just lounge around in our swimming pool here at Mr Pool Man) we’re pretty confident about adding the Bio-Active Cyanuric Acid Reducer to Mr Pool Man’s online shop!

What is the Bio-Active Cyanuric Acid Reducer?

The Bio-Active Cyanuric Acid Reducer is a compound that actually reduces cyanuric acid in our swimming pools. You read that right! After years of saying that the only way to remove cyanuric acid in our pools is to partially drain the pool to physically remove the cyanuric acid, we now found a way to do that without wasting thousands of litres of pool water and hundreds of dollars worth of pool chemicals!

The Bio-Active Cyanuric Acid Reducer is made out of enzymes and microorganisms that actively break down cyanuric acid / stabiliser without any residue or harmful side effects.

But there are other products already doing this!

Yes, that’s true, but most of the products that are used to reduce cyanuric acid usually come in liquid form that makes storage and shipping a pain (and not to mention expensive). Not only that, but when we look at it from a cost-per ounce view, it would end up much more expensive than simply partially draining the pool!

One thing we also discovered with the Bio-Active (let’s call it that, since Bio-Active Cyanuric Acid Reducer is a mouthful) is that it can be used side-by-side with other sanitisers, unlike other enzymes or microbial products that need a very delicate touch when it comes to using it with sanitisers, leaving your pool vulnerable to algae during treatment.

Is the Bio-Active Cyannuric Acid Reducer Safe to Use?

Definitely yes! All of the ingredients in the Bio-Active are known to be safe to use in swimming pools. All of the individual ingredients inside the compound have been found to be non-toxic and hypoallergenic! So even if you have pool bathers in your household that are sensitive to chemicals, bathing in a pool treated with the Bio-Active is perfectly safe!

Why do I need to keep a cyanuric acid reducer on hand?

One of the best ways to keep your pool sanitised is to maintain proper levels of chlorine as long as possible. Cyanuric acid is usually added to the pool to protect your chlorine from quickly being destroyed by the sun’s UV rays. What usually happens is that households will usually use stabilised chlorine in the form of chlorine pucks for ease and convenience of application. As the chlorine is being used up, the cyanuric acid stays in the pool and successive application of stabilised chlorine will eventually lead to a condition called a chlorine lock. Chlorine lock is where high levels of stabilisers will cause our pool chlorine to become ineffective until the cyanuric acid levels are reduced.

Read more on Chlorine Lock here.

How do I apply the Bio-Active Cyanuric Acid Reducer?

Application of the Bio-Active is relatively straightforward. We only need to take the following things into account:

  • The water temperature should be above 65F or 18C, alkalinity should be 80ppm to 120ppm, pH should be 7.2 to 7.8 and chlorine levels should be 1ppm to 5ppm (2ppm to 3ppm is optimal). Of course, it goes without saying that any debris should be removed from the pool before application of the Bio Acttive.
  • If you have a salt or mineral chlorinator, turn it off and any off-line feeders or chlorine pucks should be taken out at least 72 hours prior to application. This will ensure that no more chlorine is being added to the pool as this may interfere with the cyanuric acid removal process.
  • If you have recently used algaecide, phosphate removers, or clarifiers to your pool, wait at least a week before adding the Bio-Active.
  • To apply, simply turn on your pool pump and dump the contents of the entire package into the skimmer basket and allow the pump to run for at least 4 hours (more is better) to achieve proper circulation.
  • Maximum efficacy can be measured up 7 to 10 days after treatment but improvement can be seen as early as 24 hours after. Depending on the levels of cyanuric acid when you started, you may need to reapply after 10 days

Important Information on the Bio-Active Cyanuric Acid Reducer

Here are some things that we need to keep in mind when adding the Bio-active to the pool.

  • Use it all in one go - Since this cyanuric acid remover contains microbial and enzymatic components, exposure to air and moisture will activate the product and it will not keep after the package is opened.
  • Don’t worry about overdosing your pool with the Bio-Active. This cyanuric acid remover has a natural feedback loop (science!) that will actually stop removing cyanuric acid from your swimming pool once the recommended target levels have been reached! This means that you can never overdose your pool!
  • One 226g dose of the Bio-Active will reduce anywhere from 55ppm to 95ppm of cyanuric acid from your pool so plan your application accordingly.
  • Do not add any pool chemical for at least 7 days after applying the Bio-Active to ensure maximum effectiveness.
  • While the Bio-Active has been tested to not mess up your pool chemical levels, it’s still good practice to test and balance your pool water after the treatment cycle to ensure that all of your pool chemical levels are where they’re supposed to be. Remember, a lot of things can happen in the 7 to 10 day treatment cycle that may change the balance of your swimming pool cleaners.
  • Don’t forget to continue your maintenance routine like vacuuming your pool or allowing your robotic pool cleaners to do their job while the treatment is ongoing.

For more information about pool chemicals, check out our Mr Pool Man’s Ultimate Guide to Pool Chemicals.

Bio-Active Cyanuric Acid Reducer: Highly Recommended

Using the Bio-Active Cyanuric Acid Reducer is not only a convenient way to reduce cyanuric acid levels in your pool, it’s also the ecologically responsible way to go about it as well! You’re no longer draining out large quantities of water and you’re protecting the environment from being contaminated with the chemicals that come with the drained water. Mr Pool Man highly recommends having a package of the Bio-Active Cyanuric Acid remover handy at all times. And since it comes in powdered form, it has a shelf life of 3.5 years from the date of manufacture. In that length of time, there will come a time where you will need to reduce the cyanuric acid levels in your pool!

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Happy swimming :)

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