We’ve gone through all of the benefits and disadvantages of going with a Naked Pool System in our The Naked Pool System - Baring it all out blog post and now we’re going behind the curtains to see what exactly is the cost of running a Naked pool system when it comes to dollars and cents.

The Initial Investment

There’s no avoiding the initial investment in a Naked Pool System. According to their website, the initial kit costs AU $3,850 which includes GST. Installation isn’t included yet, but if you’re handy with tools then installation should be pretty straightforward as their user manuals are very detailed and easy to follow. The system includes the control unit, which regulates everything in the system, the ioniser rods, and the oxidiser unit.

The Ioniser Rods

The ioniser rods are rated to last anywhere around 3 years for an average pool size of 40,000 to 50,000 liters, after that, they should be replaced. Since the control unit allows you to adjust the operation depending on the volume of your pool it would be safe to assume that a smaller pool will lead to a longer lifespan of the ioniser rods and a larger pool will lead to your ionizer rods wearing out faster. An ioniser rod is around $415 which includes GST.

The Oxidiser Cells

Again, these are rated for the average pool size of 40,000 to 50,000 liters and they are expected to last on average around 5 to 7 years. An Oxidiser cell costs $1,035 which includes GST as well. Installing both the ioniser rods and oxidiser cell will only take under two minutes so maintenance is a breeze.

Pool Chemicals

Now here’s the good part about running a Naked Pool System. You no longer have to spend for pool chemicals like stabilizers, cyanuric acid, flocculants, and other convoluted testing systems. The only tests you have to worry about is testing the pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness levels of your pool. The average pool owner spends around $250-$350 a year on pool chemicals (even more if they run into algae blooms or other pool problems).

Naked Pool System Costs, Adding it all up

Doing some basic math, every six years, we’ll need two ioniser rods, which add up to $830 plus an oxidiser cell which is $1,035. For a total of $1,865.

Now looking at pool chemicals six years multiplied by an average of $300 per year is roughly the same amount or around $1,800.

Now dollar-for-dollar we can see that maintaining a Naked pool system is just the same as with traditional chemical pool system. But once we factor in the effort needed to maintain the pool, minus all the incidental expenses caused by pool corrosion on our pool equipment, bathing clothes, and everything else, we can see that a Naked Pool System is indeed a step up from traditional pools.

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Bonus: Magnesium Minerals

As we can see on the Naked Pool website, we can actually use magnesium minerals with the Naked Pool System, giving you the best of both worlds! You can have a low-chemical pool and at the same time, get the magnesium minerals that Magnapool systems are so proud of!

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