Yes, we know we’ve been harping about how variable speed pumps like the Water TechniX Dual Variable Speed Pump can go a long way in saving money through energy savings and it will eventually pay for itself (and even more!) in under a year, but what many people don’t realize is that there’s much more to variable speed pumps than just energy savings!

Better Filtration Performance

A problem that isn’t really being discussed a lot in swimming pool blogs or articles online is that when using a standard pool pump there is a certain amount of filter bypass happening when your pool pump is running at maximum speed at all times. Filter bypass is basically fine particles or debris that get “pushed” through your filter elements, allowing them to circulate back into the pool.

A lower flow rate (which you can only get with a variable speed pump) reduces the filter bypass phenomenon significantly. On top of that, lower flow rates can prevent channeling in sand filters. What is sand filter channeling? It’s a condition where the sand elements inside of your filter will create a channel where the water just passes and isn’t being filtered at all!

Lower Noise Pollution

It’s one of the accepted facts of life that pool pumps will be noisy. With a variable speed pump, running it at a lower speed will greatly reduce the noise that’s generated by your pump from a loud roar down to an acceptable (but still audible) hum. In fact, even when running at maximum speed, a variable speed pump will generate 25% less noise than a standard pool pump. When running at low speeds, you’ll barely hear the pump running, which is great if your area offers lower off-hour energy rates at night. You’ll be saving even more money, without disturbing anyone with the noise!

You can optimize the flow for specific tasks

Being able to adjust your flow rates for specific tasks not only saves you energy, but you’re optimizing the way your pool functions as well! For example, you’re not using your pool but you need the plumbed in water features to keep running (for a party or if you just want to lounge poolside) then you can set your pump to run at that lower speed, and did we mention that it’s whisper-quiet too?

Other tasks where you can optimize flow is when you’re using suction pool cleaners, shocking your pool to get longer run-times, off-season maintenance, and other tasks where you just don’t need the pool pump to be running at full speed.

Variable Speed Pumps Last Longer

Variable speed pumps are designed to meet some really exacting standards when it comes to their motors and their parts as part of the initiative for a more ECO-friendly pool pumping solution. Not only that, but their lower speed operation (when set at a lower speed of course) causes less heat and this in turn causes less stress and vibrations, which in turn again reduces wear and tear, and making the variable speed pumps last longer than their standard counterparts.

You can keep variable speed pumps running for much longer

If electricity savings isn’t a factor, then you can have your variable speed run for much longer and get better filtration for your pool. Some people run their variable speed pumps for 12-24 hours! Why? Here are their reasons (which are valid in themselves).

  • Prevents Stagnant Water - Algae and Bacteria thrive in stagnant water, so keeping your water moving will prevent bacteria and algae from getting a foothold in your pool.
  • Promote Better Water Filtration - Of course, it goes without saying that the longer your pump is running, the more water gets turned over in your pool and more filtration is always a good thing!
  • Works in tandem with salt water chlorinators - If you’re running your variable speed pumps longer but at a lower speed, this can be beneficial for salt water chlorinators as well. Since you’re running the pump longer, you can lower the output of your salt water chlorinator, saving more energy and reducing the stress on your salt water cells, making them last longer.

To know more about saltwater chlorination and variable speed pumps, click here.


As you can see from the reasons stated above, there’s more to variable speed pumps than just energy savings! In the market for a variable speed pump? Our best selling variable speed pump here at Mr Pool Man is the Water TechniX Pump Dual ECO Variable Speed! If it’s marked as “sold out” don’t worry, simply click on the “Notify Me” button on the product page or drop us a line below and we’ll let you know as soon as the next batch comes in! Act fast though, as they usually don’t last long in our inventory!

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