The Water TechniX Anti-Algae Arsenal

When we say we’ve tried every anti-algae trick in Australia, we mean it! All of the products on the Mr Pool Man online pool store are thoroughly vetted and tested in our home pool and test field before they get listed on the online shop! This also includes talks with manufacturers, negotiations, and of course testing the products themselves. This is why we’re proud to have partnered with a manufacturer right here in Australia to bring you the Water TechniX line of algae treatment chemicals!

Here's Tom, our resident pool guru with a quick overview on Water TechniX pool chemicals.

That’s right, locally-made algae treatment for your pools! This is also part of Mr Pool Man’s commitment to reducing carbon footprints and supporting a more geographically sustainable way of maintaining our swimming pools. We are rarely encouraged to think about the physical lengths our pool chemicals and products travel before we get them into our pools, not only does this come with a large environmental cost but it adds to the cost of the final product as well!

So why does this matter? At the end of the day, Water TechniX products are superior in every way to their imported counterparts as we get to check production and quality at any time! Plus the fact that they’re manufactured here in Australia, this cuts down on shipping costs and the savings is passed on to you, the consumer!

Enough of the introduction, time to take a closer look at the Water TechniX Anti-Algae Arsenal!

Water TechniX Algaecide

There are dozens or even hundreds of algae control products out there on the market and we’re intimately familiar with all of the best ones. The different chemicals used, the different dosages required and every other little detail. We took all of that knowledge and distilled that into the Water TechniX Algaecide to create an all-in-one solution for your algae control needs. No more separate algaecide for treatment and a separate one for prevention!

The Water TechniX Algaecide is strong enough to take care of tough algae (even mustard algae!) but still gentle enough to be used the whole year round without clogging up your pool filters and damaging your pool equipment! The Water TechniX Algaecide can also be used as a winter preventative for algae so there’s no need to get a separate algaecide for winter use, killing algae before they have a chance to bloom! Less confusion, less bottles, and less expenses!

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Water TechniX Black Spot Remover

Everyone knows that black spot algae is the toughest type of algae around! The Water TechniX Black Spot Remover is designed as a shock treatment with stabiliser included to increase the longevity of the chlorine. This is the only true way to get rid of black spot algae! By killing it and its roots! Where other chemical cleaners fail, the Zodiac Black Spot remover excels! Kill and remove those black spots before they overrun your pool with a quick treatment!

Of course, don’t forget to add a dose of Water TechniX Algaecide once the water has cleared up to prevent any future algae blooms or black spot from coming back! And even though the Black Spot is super-concentrated, it’s 100% soluble in water so you don’t have to worry about your filters clogging up or any residue clouding up your pool water!

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Water TechniX Phosphate Remover

And finally, we have an all-organic solution for your algae problems! Of course you’ll need to use the Water TechniX Algaecide to control algae-problem in full-bloom, but for prevention, nothing can surpass the Water TechniX Phosphate Remover! Made with 15% Lanthanium Chloride, the Water TechniX Phosphate Remover simplifies pool care by melting away any phosphates that algae feast on! Not only does it prevent algae blooms, but it reduces sanitiser demand as well giving you an easier time in maintaining your pool!

Unlike other chemical-based phosphate removers, the Water TechniX Phosphate Remover is suitable for all types of pool surfaces whether it’s concrete, vinyl, tiles or fiberglass! It’s also suitable for pools that use salt water chlorinators! It’s also not dependent on other chemical levels in your pool so it’s safe to use no matter what your other chemical levels are at or what season it is!

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So there you have it! Everything you'll ever need for year-round algae protection distilled into three chemicals! No more need to mix-and match chemicals from different manufacturers with varying results!

Looking for other pool chemicals? Check out Australia's largest selection of pool chemicals online here.

Do you have any questions about this topic or the featured products? No worries, we're here to help! Drop us a question down below and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Happy swimming :)

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