Water TechniX Year-Round Maintenance Chemicals

You asked and we listened! Pool chemical prices have slowly been going up due to rising importation costs and transportation costs and this is why Mr Pool Man has partnered with a local Australian manufacturer to bring you the Water TechniX Year-Round Maintenance Chemicals! These are your staple chemicals designed to give you the best pool experience possible without breaking the bank! And since it has Water TechniX’ seal of approval, their purity is guaranteed and you won’t be left with any residues!

Here's our resident pool guru and head of product development Tom to give us a quick overview of the Water TechniX Maintenance Chemicals.

Water TechniX Stabilised Chlorine

The core of every pool owner’s arsenal! Chlorine keeps your water clean and sanitised to ensure a relaxing time for everyone! Containing 56% available chlorine, the Water TechniX Stabilised chlorine can handle any sanitising job with ease! It also comes built-in with stabiliser to protect it from the sweltering Australian sun! This is ideal use for your regular maintenance jobs and for all types of swimming pools from concrete, vinyl tiles, fiberglass, and even salt water pools, Water TechniX has got you covered!

Water TechniX Stabiliser / Cyanuric Acid

For those that want to have complete control over their sanitiser and stabiliser levels, the Water TechniX Stabiliser is the pool chemical for the job! Made with 99.6% pure cyanuric acid (as pure as it gets!) a little bit goes a long way! Cyanuric acid / stabiliser acts as a sunscreen for your chlorine and protects it from being burned off by the sun! Every pool owner knows that no matter how much chlorine you put in, if it’s not protected from the sun then it can’t do its job properly, and this is where the Water TechniX Stabiliser comes in!

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Water TechniX Calcium Down

Do you have a scale problem in your pool? This is probably caused by high levels of Calcium hardness! Once your pool’s hardness levels go above the recommended 150-500ppm range, it will start to deposit that calcium on your pool surfaces in the form of scale! The Water TechniX Calcium down solves that problem by lowering those levels back down to their recommended levels! And as an added bonus, it also lightens and helps remove existing scale formations in your pool as well!

Water TechniX Calcium Up

On the other edge of the spectrum, if your calcium level is below the recommended levels then your pool water will start to eat away at your pool surfaces. It’s doing this because the water is trying to bring the calcium levels back up to equilibrium. Prevent this from happening by giving your pool a good dose of Water TechniX Calcium up to bring those calcium levels back to where they’re supposed to be whenever calcium hardness tests below their recommended levels! As with any Water TechniX pool chemical, this is effective for all swimming pool types and salt water pools!

Water TechniX Alkalinity Up

Protect your pool from wild pH swings with the Water TechniX Alkalinity up! The Water TechniX Alkalinity up reduces the acidity of your pool by raising the total alkalinity to its recommended levels of 80 to 120 ppm! By reducing the acidity of your pool, you’re not only protecting the pool users from skin irritation but it also protects your pool equipment and surfaces from corrosion and damage caused by acidic water! With alkalinity levels in check, you’re guaranteed a comfortable swim each time, every time!

Water TechniX Water Testing Tools

Of course the only way to get your pool chemical levels back to their proper levels is by knowing how much of each chemical to add in the first place! You can do this with the proper pool testing tools from Water TechniX. If absolute accuracy is your thing, then you can’t go wrong with the Water TechniX 5in1 reagent test kit! This is for for when you need the most precise chemical levels before ddosing your pool with any Water TechniX pool chemical.

For routine testing needs and chemical level monitoring, the Water TechniX 7in1 pool test strips is the perfect tool! Each test strip kit comes with 100 test strips (that’s double the amount of your standard test strips!) and its own heavy duty PVC carrying case which extends the life of the strips and protects it from the elements! One bottle is good for a whole year if you test your pool water twice a week! And why wouldn’t you want to test your pool that much? It’s quick and easy and results can be seen in just a few seconds!


The heart and soul of a pool is absolute relaxation and that’s made possible with the Water TechniX line of pool chemicals! By making it easy and affordable to maintain your pool chemical levels, you’ll be spending more time enjoying your pool (as it was meant to be!) than you are maintaining it and thinking about the costs and tasks associated with it!

P.S. Once you’ve figured out your pool chemical usage frequency, you can save even more by signing up for a pool chemical subscription which knocks off an additional 10% off of the price! And the best thing? Just schedule when you want them to be delivered and that’s it! No more scrambling around the last minute ordering or looking for pool chemicals when you run out!

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