What is a Plunge Pool?

A plunge pool is exactly what it sounds like, a pool that you plunge into! Another term that’s used to describe a plunge pool is “dipping pool” which is the perfect compromise for Australian homes where space is a premium. So in layman’s terms, it’s just a tiny pool, just a smidge larger than your standard home spa.

Dimension-wise, it’s anywhere between 4 to 7 meters in length and roughly 2 to 3 meters wide. Depth is usually around 1.2 to 1.5 meters, just enough to plunge into, hence giving it the plunge pool moniker.

Let’s go into the question that’s on everyone’s mind:

How much is a plunge pool?

Due to its much smaller size than your standard Australian home pools, plunge pools are significantly cheaper than your standard swimming pool due to the following reasons:

  • Lesser excavation costs - It is a smaller pool so there's less excavation to be done
  • Smaller equipment requirements - You can use the smallest available pool equipment like pumps, cartridge filters, and salt water chlorinators! And the best part? They will be practically oversized so you’ll get maximum filtration and crystal clear plunge pool waters with minimal effort!
  • Less chemical usage - yep, smaller pool water volume, less chemical usage!

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Some Amazing Plunge Pool Additions

Now aside from just jumping around and soaking in your plunge pool, there are some things you can do to offset the limited space.

Get a swim tether

Don’t let the size of the small plunge pool limit your exercise routine! With the addition of a Water TechniX swim tether, you can swim and train to your heart’s content! In fact, plunge pools are perfect for training with a swim tether because you’ll be able to swim in the pool by yourself with minimal distractions! For more information on exercises you can do with the Water TechniX swim tether, check here.

Add some Jets

With a little bit of creativity, you can turn your pool into an oversized jacuzzi! I mean, who hasn’t gone in a jacuzzi and thought to themselves, gee I wish that this was bigger, well, now’s your chance!  

Add some water features

Aside from swimming in it and since it’s already there, it’s a lot easier to add water features like waterfalls and make your plunge pool into a nice relaxing centerpiece for your yard! In fact, we know someone that surrounded their plunge pool with plants and turned it into a little hidden cove-themed slice of paradise for their home! The possibilities are endless because of the size!

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Types of Plunge Pools

There are two types of plunge pools that are used, above-ground, and in-ground. Above-ground plunge pools are so portable that you can get them up and running in just a couple of days! You’ll take longer decorating the pool to your heart’s content! As for in-ground plunge pools, they’re built much like your regular pools only on a much smaller scale. We have more information on pool building here if you want to check it out.

Equipment needed for plunge pools

Well, since it’s somewhere in the middle of a spa and a pool, the equipment needed for a small plunge pool is basically the same. You’ll need a pump, filter (nothing special, a sand filter or a cartridge filter can be used here), and the other standard pool equipment like skimmers, cleaners, and the like.

Plunge Pool Pump

For plunge pools, we definitely recommend going with a variable speed pump like the Water TechniX Pump VorteX! The reason for this is that you can get away with just using the pump on ECO mode or silent mode to properly turn your water over and filter it without running up your electricity bills! In fact, running a variable speed pump on ECO mode will allow you to filter your plunge pool water for much longer and much cheaper than a 1HP pump!

Plunge pool filter

Our filter recommendation for small plunge pools is the Water TechniX Eclipse filter! The CF75 model is more than adequate to handle all your filtration needs for plunge pools with no problem! In fact, it’s even considered to be oversized and this will allow you much longer times in between filter cleanings, giving you more time to enjoy your plunge pool!

Do we need a chlorinator for a plunge pool?

Not necessarily. Although, it is worth noting that the time spent chlorinating a plunge pool is the same as that of a regular-sized pool. The only difference is the amount of chlorine needed to properly sanitise your pool water. Now, if you place a premium on your time or if you just want to avoid those situations where you forget to chlorinate your pool and you suddenly wake up to a green pool!

Cleaners for a plunge pool

You don’t really need fancy cleaners for a plunge pool, with a standard pole and standard cleaning equipment, you can stand on one spot and clean the entire pool without moving around too much, plus points if there’s a shaded area! Again, while truly optional, you can always get a suction pool cleaner to make cleaning a breeze and you can check out our top picks for suction pool cleaners here.

Plunge pool heaters

Now, this is where it starts to get fun, due to its size, you can get the smallest energy-efficient heat pump and you’ll have a year-round swimming season without breaking the bank on heating bills! The small volume of water means that it will heat up faster and stay warm much easier than a full-sized pool!

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Plunge pools are perfect if you really want to have a slice of heaven in your yard but you don’t have enough space for a swimming pool. It provides all of the benefits (and fun!) a full-sized pool has with fewer expenses!

Thinking of bluilding your own plunge pool and need equipment? Our team of friendly pool pros can hook you up with a free quote and recommendations here.

Do you have any questions about this topic or the featured products? No worries, we're here to help! Drop us a question down below and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Happy swimming :)

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