If there’s one question that we get a lot here on Mr Pool Man, it’s this one. What is the best pool cartridge filter? Since you’ve already splurged on a pool, then why not just get the best filter available for it right? This is a very admirable way of thinking and we totally agree with it. But without getting more details, it would be impossible to properly answer the question. But as a rule of thumb when it comes to pool cartridge filters and pool sizes in Australia, hands down we can recommend the Water Technix Cartridge Filter Eclipse.

This cartridge filter is good for pools up to 65,000 litres of water! This is more or less a bit more than the Average Australian pool size so if there was one pool cartridge filter we can recommend then it’s this one.

Some customers are asking us if there was a 75 square feet of filter coverage model, and we do, but we recommend getting the 100 square feet of filter coverage even if you have a smaller pool. Not only will the bigger filter size be more efficient in filtering your pool water, but it will last longer and you’ll spend less time cleaning the filters.

Some benefits of the Water TechniX Cartridge Filter Eclipse

  • Built in Air Relief Valve – Sometimes when the pool pump starts, air gets pushed into the filter, artificially increasing the pressure reading. The air relief valve releases this air pressure to ensure that the readings you get will always be accurate so you can determine when your filter needs cleaning.
  • Easy-to-read pressure gauge – No more squinting! With large and clear numbers, you can tell at a glance what the filter’s pressure readings are.
  • Quick release lock ring – No need for tools when you need to replace or take the filter cartridge out for cleaning.
  • High impact polypropylene body – The pool cartridge filter itself is made out of impact resistant polypropylene. We’re not saying that it’s safe to bash this filter with a hammer (but it will stay whole and undamaged if you do) but this is more than enough protection if something falls on it like a tree branch or something heavy.

Have a bigger pool? The Water TechniX Cartridge Filter Eclipse also comes win a 150 sq ft model as well!

Need replacement filter cartridges?

Do you already have a Cartridge Filter and need replacement filter cartridges? No problem! Mr Pool Man filter catridges for all of the major brands and for all cartridge filters we carry on our site! Click on the button below to browse our selection of filter cartridges!

Need information on the different types of pool filters? Check our our guide on how to pick the best filter type for your pool with our Choosing the Right Pool Filter Guide here on Mr Pool Man.

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