How do I prepare my filter cartridges for the Aussie Winter?

  • Lubricate the o-rings of your filter with some silicone grease to protect it from the chill and dry air
  • Give your cartridge a good hose down to remove any dirt and grime on the filter
  • You can reduce the time and water needed to clean your filter with a waterwand filter cleaning attachment
  • If your cartridge has stubborn gunk on it, give it a good soak with some filter cleaning solution
  • If you have multiple cartridges, use the oldest one and keep your better-conditioned cartridge for the summer.
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How do I prepare my sand filter for the Aussie Winter?

General Winter Tips for Filters

  • Whether you're using your pool or putting it to sleep, you still have to run your pool pump to filter your pool water
  • When not using your pool for the winter, it's best to use a good pool cover to reduce the load on your filters by keeping debris and other contaminants out of your pool
  • Check your filters at least once a month to ensure that they're not gunked up.
  • Check your skimmer baskets every two weeks to ensure that water is being filtered properly and is not stuck at the skimmer level

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