I'm putting my pool to sleep, what chems do I need?

We get it, nobody wants to do all that chemical maintenance stuff during winter when it’s too cold to use the pool. But, that’s part of pool ownership life, maintenance. I mean, you wouldn’t want to open up to a green swampy pool come spring right? Don’t worry though, we have a checklist of just the essentials for the coming winter to make sure that your pool is STILL crystal-clear come spring. 

  1. Stabilised Chlorine - Keeps algae at bay during our mild winters.
  2. Algaecide - Your broad-spectrum must have for keeping your water protected against every type of algae.
  3. Phosphate Remover - Stops algae spores from growing, making it easier for algaecide to work.
  4. Our Winteriser Bundle includes it all, currently 22% off RRP.

The Least Amount of Maintenance needed over Winter

Yes, we get this question a lot, and we understand. In fact, some of us here at the office (even though they don't want to admit it) are looking for the easiest way to ensure that the pool is at a respectable condition once spring rolls in.

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I'm using my pool over winter, what do I need to do?

There's good news, and there's bad news.

  • The good news? It's just like summer maintenance! Nothing has changed. And you don't have to learn anything new.
  • The bad news? It's just like summer maintenance! Nothing has changed and you still have to do all of your regular pool balancing tasks.

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