I'm putting my pool to sleep, any tips?

  • Install a timer to run your pool pump the recommended number of hours a day (We have a handy dandy calculator through the button below)
  • Dose your pool with phosphate remover and algaecide
  • Cover your pool.
  • Test and Balance your pool water once or twice a month
  • Check your skimmer baskets once a week to avoid clogs, also check your pump baskets at the same time
  • NEVER turn your pump off completely over winter, there's nothing worse than taking off your pool cover and discovering a swamp underneath
Use our Pool Pump Calculator

I'm using my pool over the winter

  • First, the good news, since your pool water will be a bit colder during winter, then it will be working less than it would be during peak season.
  • BUT if you're using a pool heat pump to heat your pool during winter, you will need to run your pool pump like you would during the summer months
  • Make sure you have an adequate supply of pool chemicals to keep your pool water balanced.
  • If your pump is past its glory days or it's showing some signs of failing, we have a pool pump troubleshooting guide which you can refer to before pulling the trigger on a new pump.
  • If you don't have a pool cover, pouring a bottle of Water TechniX Liquid Blanket will give you a 5C temperature increase in your pool!
  • Your year-round best friends will always be phosphate remover and algaecide
  • If you want the best of both worlds, you can invest in a good pool cover and roller so you can cover the pool when not in use, and uncover it in seconds when you're in the mood for a cold dip during winter.

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